• Cotton: China’s Coronavirus ‘The Biggest, The Costliest, The Most Deadly Cover-Up In The History of Mankind’

    April 17, 2020
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    Senator Tom Cotton declared today the Chinese coronavirus coverup is the biggest, costliest, most deadly cover-up in the history of mankind. The powerful legislator made the comments on Fox and Friends this morning.

    Cotton has been out front on the possibility the virus originated in a Chinese bio lab in Wuhan, which is now becoming the consensus theory of its origin.

    “The circumstantial evidence, which I began to cite in January, stacking up pretty quickly that this virus may have originated in those labs in Wuhan,” he said. “We knew from the very beginning that the Chinese Communist Party’s front story about the food market was probably wrong.”

    “For one, it appears that they don’t even sell the kind of bats at that market from which this virus originated, and two, Chinese scientists in an authoritative study as early as January found that about a third of the early cases had no contact with the food market whatsoever,” he continued. “We know that China has a very sloppy history of laboratory safety. Some of our own diplomats at the embassies in China went to these labs as far back as two years ago and said the shape the practices there were very alarming. And you can see how the Chinese Communist Party has continued to lie about this from the very beginning as if they have something to cover up. If that’s the case, it really is the biggest, the costliest, the most deadly cover-up in the history of mankind.”


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