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    Chinese Virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan Confirms COVID-19 Created In Lab And Intentionally Released...This Is An Act Of War

    September 16, 2020

    CDMedia has previously reported on this development...

    This evening on Tucker Carlson Tonight, Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan presented evidence of her confirmation that the Chinese coronavirus was man-made in a Chinese military bio lab and was intentionally released on the West to cause damage, most likely to prevent Donald Trump's re-election.

    This is an act of war.



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Hope she has good bodyguards.

    prester khan

    Historically, the policy of the United States had been that a biological or a chemical attack is the equivalent of a nuclear attack - and justifies a nuclear response.

    IF (and only if) she has the proof of a deliberate biological attack by China on the Unites States (and the world), then the President needs to create a coalition of every other country and go to the Congress for a declaration of war. Such a government must not be permitted to remain in power on this earth.

    That is how serious her allegations are.


    I said it on day 1, with critical thinking it seemed obvious!!


    Trump will do ABSOLUTELY nothing about China. All talk and no action regarding this renegade state. China deserves a good kick in the ass - nuke the sons-of-bitches, as soon as possible. Of course Beijing Biden will lick Xi's balls for a few extra bucks payola for his damn son. China need to be put in its place, period. What a horrible civilization; can't believe they are part of humanity.


    To be truthful, I didn’t see any proof. I tend to believe her, but without seeing the documented proof this won’t go any further. Fake news is not a good look for either side.


    Every big of the spin was ridiculously obvious. At first it was some bat or bat snake mombo combo virus, then from Another animal I dont even remember the name not do I care then they said maybe my dog fido. It's all a joke
    Massive false information campaigns from around the world to scare and debilitate the response. Hording and spinning the Chinese must be laughing at us. Remember the media/mafia
    shooting down everything trump said which of course he had all the research on. Remember How the media said trump said to inject chlorine dioxide into your veins what a comic relief strip. By the way brazil I believe has documented there is value there. Hydroxide chloroquine or similar was prescribed billions of time across a the world and over the counter in a few dozen countries because it's so safe. This entire episode is a farce. Vote for Tom Hanks if you like I am sure he won't scre w your youngers.

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    Geez... I've been saying this since this virus thing started... Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck -- What do you think it is, a moose??

    Chris Fairley

    If Biden wins, China wins.


    china is loosing billions because of Trump, where is the outrage against foreign interference from the propaganda news outlets?


    Wow, a bunch of China hate here, typed on chinese keyboards, monitors, computers, phones, office chairs, desks........you spoiled children won't talk so big when your cheap box store/amazon crap dries up and you can't shop away the stress of our super hard dust bowl/depression/ww2 like lives. Trump will do nothing, like he has already done, those that think china has lost this trade war, explain the details please, explain how? Their mask sales are huge!......All of the oligarchs are likely in on this virus, Trump is one of the oligarchs.....blowing up the debt....putting on a show, we are more in debt and less free than ever in our country history, and you keep cheerleading because of his words and some bones thrown at dumb dogs. Throw all of the talk out of the window you have omnibus spending bills signed, nobody in prison, offered amnesty, could stop the mask and shut down nonsense tomorrow through his job of defending liberty nationally. Fauci still there after being so wrong, he could clean house, or just get rid of all the alphabet soup in government, punish the ones responsible for sending the lab grant money.....on and on......but he is busy going around the country with the words...and the talking....spending valuable time as the president.....campaigning. Obama, Trump, two sides of the same coin.....pandering left and right while debt explodes.

    Dalen Fuller

    I’ve always said this it;s really funny right after the trade agreement was signed this virus was released - I don’t put anything past the Chinese govt they are just as awful as our lefties


    Twitter has already suspended her account. Freedom of speech is under serious attack.


    China had a massive aging population that were heavy smokers. What did the Covid virus target? Aged people, and people with chronic health problems, asthma, emphysema, tuberculosis, and so on. China was about to have an economic meltdown, and a lot of people to be taken care of, they did it to eliminate the aged population, reducing the monetary burden, while trying to make it look like an accidental release. Just my theory.


    sorry you feel that way, Greg. must be tough, going through life full of hate.


    Critical Thinking? What good would it do for China to unleash a world wide virus? To eliminate all of it's trading partners? Cost China Trillions in trade? My gut feeling putting together all the available information is that George Soros and the Deep State (Democratic Party) is behind it. It is in alignment with their goals, part of their grand plan. Looking at China????? you are looking in the wrong place.

    michael savell

    Whatevet you imagine to be rumours,this lab is/was real,the people were real and the US definitely had a stake in it.Maybe the result wasn't what was supposed to happen but something like this has a habit of getting out of control.Everything escalates from the accident.Whether or not any vaccine will; work is a matter of opinion but ,no doubt when all americans have been dosed up with their vaccine along with the chinese we shall know more.


    She'll be Arkancided by the end of the week.


    I saw this interview. Compelling.

    However, there are two things abut this theory that don't quite hang together.

    If the CCP made this virus as a biologic agent then why did they release it in China, just a few miles from the lab where it was made. Talk about a smoking gun!

    And why would they release it at all unless they had developed a vaccine for their own use when the virus inevitable came back tot them.

    I rather think that if it is man made, they let it out by accident.

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    The big question is, where did the 20 million cell phones that have been turned off in China go.

    John Reynolds

    Fakebook is not allowing this to post!


    "Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity" - Hanlon's razor

    John Flowers

    Where is her evidence? Making claims without evidence is just fluff.


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