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    WH Doctor Gives Update On Trump’s Condition

    October 7, 2020
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    President Trump has been active since he returned to the White House. After returning Monday night, it was clear the president was in a much better mood and must be feeling back to normal. 

    In a memo released today, WH Doctor Sean Conley confirmed Trump’s turn around. After receiving top medical treatment from Walter Reed, including treatments that aren’t available to the public yet, Trump put rumors to bed that he was in a bad condition. 

    Conley said, “The President this morning says ‘I feel great!’ His physical exam and vital signs, including oxygen saturation and respiratory rate, all remain stable and in normal range,”

    He continued, “He’s now been fever-free for more than 4 days, symptom-free for over 24 hours, and has not needed nor received any supplemental oxygen since initial hospitalization.”

    Questions, however, remain if Trump will continue to keep his symptom free state. He has not had symptoms for two days, and seems to be over the initial, and most problematic, state of the disease. As a 74-year-old male, Trump was in the red zone when he contracted the virus. However, he received an antibody cocktail from Regeneron and is on dexamethasone, which is a steroid used to treat inflammation. It is unclear if he has had chest scans, and if his lungs are fully functional. 

    If President Trump’s condition continues to improve, he plans to attend the next presidential debate in person next week. He will also be back on the campaign trail, as the election cycle reaches its final days. 



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