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    You Think You Know - 21 Covid-19 Myths

    August 9, 2021

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    You May Think You Know But You Don't Until You Watch To The End.

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    A very good video, just to add the myth that it conffers personal immunity, it does not cause there is no virus in the human cells.

    Michael B Davis

    I'm a solid, life-long conservative, also vaccinated with zero ill-effect. This video is wholly misleading. the vax is Trump's finest moment. get it.

    R Smith

    What is the point of a video that lists 21 myths and doesn't provide the data for any of the myth refutations? How is one to know if this is just alternative propaganda? It was disappointing to watch 21 myths pop up and not a shred of evidence that dispelled any of them. This is as bad as the incessant pro-vaccine propaganda.


    R. Smith: Stay Tuned for the evidence.


    Your free choice. For an affliction (So called virus) That has an extremely high survival rate for healthy people. The jury is still out on the experimental vaccine. It does appear that they are not accurately reporting adverse effects. Many scientists and doctors involved in vaccine research are saying do not take it. The risks are not worth it.

    Leslie Benjamini

    The only one I question is the human trafficking one. All the others track with my research. As to the comment above from person who received jab with no side effects, there are many people who have no side effects in short term. There are many thousands that have died & more that have been injured. Ask yourself why the vaccine makers insist on not being held liable, if they are so sure their product is so wonderful for mankind. Every one of those companies has been sued for injuries & deaths from their products. Not one of them has clean hands. These jabs were never tested for any length of time on animals because the first tests on ferrets, all the animals died. We are the animals being tested on. This is the biggest human experiment in history & it’s being done without our permission & with force. Why is that?


    If people want to take the vaccine, fine, let them. Just don't force people to take it. If you take it you're immune, or so they claim. So why are you all worked up if I don't take it. Just let me die and then there is more stuff to spread around for woeld wide socialism. So me not taking it benefits those who do. Or is it that you don't really believe them?


    On human trafficing. Think body parts. No one said the human had to be whole.


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