• BREAKING: Grieving Mother Appeals To President Biden Ahead Of FDA Meeting

    October 24, 2021

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    Once Vibrant 13-Year-Old Daughter Suffers Debilitating Injuries During Pfizer Trial 

    You said it was safe! – Stephanie de Garay, Mother

    After Initially Accepting 30 Second TV Ad Featuring 13 Yr.-OldMaddie de GarayComcast Attorneys Pull it at Last Minute

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    WASHINGTON, DC, OCTOBER 25. 2021 – A new television ad that spotlights Pfizer vaccine-related injuries suffered by 13-year-old Maddie de Garay was pulled Friday late afternoon by Comcast attorneys after initially accepting the ad on Thursday.  

    The ad, a direct appeal to President Biden, was slated to begin airing on Comcast Saturday night during Saturday Night Live, then multiple times around NBC’s Meet the Press, continuing through the FDA’s VRBPAC Meeting on Pfizer Data on its COVID-19 Vaccine for Children 5-11. 

    “This should not be a political issue.  This is a human rights issue.  What if Maddie was your daughter,” said Stephanie de Garay, Maddie’s mom. 

    “I’ve waited seven months for Pfizer or the FDA to acknowledge what happened to my daughter and they haven’t.  They tried to ignore her injuries.  I had hoped that with this ad, she would finally have the chance to be in the room with them, to be seen by them, and for her voice to be heard.  Instead, they silenced her.”

    Stephanie, who has voted Democratic in the last two elections, said. “She wanted to help others, to help the world get back to normal,” said Stephanie.  “She now has lost the ability to walk and relies on an NG tube for all of her nutrition.”

    “She received her vaccine on January 20 and came into our room in the middle of the night, she said she didn’t feel right and couldn’t sleep.  She has been waiting eight months to be acknowledged by Pfizer, the FDA, and CDC and has not even received acknowledgment from any of them, not an email, a phone call, or a text.  Nothing.

    The ad is just one in a series organized by the non-profit organization, the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.

    Timeline of Ad Rejection

    • On Thursday afternoon the ad had been approved by all involved and was set for air. 
    • Mid-day Friday, Comcast officials notified the ad buyer that another attorney said it needed further review.
    • The ad was scheduled to begin circulation Saturday during Saturday Night Live, so there was not much time to resolve differences.
    • Friday afternoon, Comcast notified the buyer that the ad was rejected stating it needed substantiation and all graphic images taken out (although they did not state which images).
    • Documents submitted for substantiation with permission from Maddie’s mom, included her entire medical records.  Specifically:

    According to the FDA and CDC, the government’s only way to record injuries and deaths attributed to vaccines is the website called the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System or, VAERS by self-reporting or by a healthcare professional reporting.  

    According to VAERS, there have been:

    • 13,627 Post-COVID Vaccine Reported Deaths / 22,501 Total VAERS Reported Deaths,

    • 55,821 Post-COVID Vaccine Reported Hospitalizations/133,592 Total VAERS Reported Hospitalizations,

    • 623,341 COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports

    Maddie de Garay volunteered for the Pfizer trial for 12–15-year-olds and received her first dose on 12/30/20 and her second dose on 1/20/21.  At free the approval for the Pfizer vaccine for 12–15-year-olds in May, she was unblinded and confirmed that she got the vaccine.

    Maddie’s symptoms occurred almost immediately after the second dose in the Pfizer trial.  For example, according to medical records and her mother’s documentation, within 12 hours Maddie experienced: 

    • Fever 101-102

    • Electric shocks up and down spine to neck

    • Fingers/hands turned white, were swollen and were ice cold when you touched them

    • Tachycardia (she said her heart felt like it was being ripped out through her neck)

    • Severe abdominal pain

    • All over body muscle/nerve pain and spasms - you couldn’t touch her anywhere and she said it even hurt to lay down

    • She walked hunched over and with her toes up

    • Severe headache

    • Nausea

    • Blood in her urine

    • CRP was 2.90

    She continued to decline over the following 3 months and developed these symptoms:

    • Unable to walk

    • Lost feeling below her waist

    • Tremors

    • Convulsions/Passed out

    • Nausea, vomiting, difficulty swallowing and eventually unable to swallow any liquids or solids    (Ng tube placed which she still has)

    • Gastroparesis, stool blockage that she was hospitalized for a clean out

    • Urinary retention requiring a catheter that is still a problem today

    • Brain fog, mixing up words, memory loss

    • Muscle weakness throughout body to the point she could not even bathe herself

    • Loss of neck control and muscle spasms

    • Rash all over her arm

    • White tongue

    • Throat pain

    • Bone pain in arm where she got injection

    • Feet peeling

    • Skin peeling on head

    • Reflux, feeds even come up through her Ng tube

    • Weight gain (only getting feeds so not overeating)

    • Heavy periods with clumps of blood• Inability to sweat or control her body temperature

    When her parents asked the Principal Investigator, Robert Frenck, if her symptoms were reported to VAERS, he told them that her symptoms were reported to the sponsor (Pfizer) who reports them to the FDA and not through VAERS.  He refused to tell them which of her symptoms were reported.  The only symptoms on the EUA were functional abdominal pain still investigating and paresthesia (pins and needles).

    Information can be found using the link below.



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    Does this poor mother think she'd get any sympathetic response from Biden, when all he could talk about was his dead son Beau, during the short time he met with family members of the Marines he sent to be murdered in Afghanistan?

    Cathy Cloud

    Oh, that poor child. Why are we using our children as lab animals? My heart breaks for her and her family.


    When they harm your child...
    You as a parent have a lawful right to hunt them down, and kill them.


    Afghanistan is a psyop and always has been. The CIA controls the "Taliban" and "we" control our "military". They'd never jeopardize their military-guarded and transported opium racket.


    She allowed her 13 year old Daughter to sign up to be a guinea pig for big pharma , Say what you want and flame all you want but SHE is more responsible for what happened to her daughter than the medical industry or the Evil bastards at Pfizer


    She harmed her child by allowing her to be a lab rat for an experimental treatment with unknown consequences , she has only herself to blame


    Totally agree! I'd love to smack her for being stupid. She has ruined her child's life. Is this idiot vaccinated? She needs to be jabbed so she can suffer like her child.


    Totally agree! I'd love to smack her for being stupid. She has ruined her child's life. Is this idiot vaccinated? She needs to be jabbed so she can suffer like her child.


    Maybe she should vote a straight democrat ticket at the next election. That’ll show them who’s boss. Sorry, Maddie, that your parents are so brain washed as to have no critical thinking skills. As you grow old, if you grow old, remember what they did to you. Ignore them and let them die alone and disgraced.


    Elections have consequences!


    The mother should have done some homework prior to letting the child get vaccinated. The mother is responsible.


    Appeal to Biden? How do yo appeal to a zombie with a vacant head?




    Weight gain and difficulties with her menstrual cycle, check her thyroid function, please. Prior to my j a b, my labs were normal. Four weeks later, I was hypothyroid. My hair fell out, too. I am not alone in my experience, unfortunately. Search: subacute thyroiditis after…, effects on thyroid. Hyperthyroidism, followed by possibly life-long hypothyroidism, is real.


    Thank God the other two children she volunteered to sacrifice on the altar of Big Pharma weren’t harmed like Maddie.

    Paul Greenlee Jr

    Why in the world would you let any one use your daughter as a lab rat? Is it because you claim to be a democratic? So liberal you would sacrifice your own children to save the world? What kind of crazy thinking is this? Have you ever considered asking God for advice before you act on what mankind says to do? I am so sorry for your poor daughter, she looked at you to protect her and look what you did. It's all about being pollical. The news on this vaccine and how many lives it has destroyed or killed is hidden from the public. It's all about total control. Lord Jesus help and heal your daughter, make this family whole again.


    Rather than blame this Mother for her mistake in allowing her daughter to participate in the Covid trial vaxx, I wish to acknowledge her bravery to step up and truthfully share this experience with the public. Making us aware that Biden’s now mandated vaxx to all children the same age might save other peoples children if they refuse to accept this dangerous mandate Biden is forcing on Americans. So many thing wrong with a government overstepping Parents Rights.

    Mic J Palazzolo

    Can't appeal to a sociopath.


    You horrible people blaming a mother who’s no doubt deep in absolutely agony and self loathing around her decision to allow her child to participate in the trial… a bit of compassion go’s a long way .. haven’t you ever made a mistake .. all be it a huge on?? Poor child… poor mother and everyone else suffering from a dreadful outcome here… may God have mercy on this sweet young girl and wrap his arms around her mama in deep love and comfort and healing on all levels… 🙏


    Where is the documentation of the clinical trial. The vaccine card only shows the doses given not that she was part of the trials. The MD documents are not real because no MD would state in their documentation "lab work overall are reassuring" and how does a UA have blood but no red blood cells. Inconsistent evidence

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