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    CA Governor Newsom Challenged With $5 Million Bet To Prove He Didn't Lie About VAX Injury

    November 19, 2021
    BREAKING: Source Tells Children's Health Defense CA Gov Gavin Newsome Is Injured By Vaccine Booster, Not Seen In Weeks
    Children’s Health Defense

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    CA Governor Gavin Newsom Offered $5M to Prove he Didn’t Lie About Vaccine Injury

    Philanthropist Steve Kirsch Pledges to Fund Billboard and Online Ads if Newsom Fails to Respond

    Palo Alto, CA -- Steve Kirsch, a philanthropist who started the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation and the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund, whose work was profiled on 60 Minutes, seems to have found a new pet cause; demanding the truth from California Governor Gavin Newsom.

    After the bizarre disappearance of the Governor from public life immediately following the Governor’s vaccine booster shot, many suspected the disappearance might have something to do with his jab.

    Enter Steve Kirsch. Not only did Kirsch become interested, but he also claimed to have multiple sources that all pointed to one answer – that the Governor was vaccine injured.

    Kirsch is so confident that Newsom had sustained a vaccine injury, he has officially offered Newsom $5M if Newsom will give him a blank piece of paper.

    Here is the offer:

    Gavin, I’m willing to bet you $5M that I’m right about you being vaccine injured and that you are lying about the injury and covering it up. If you’re telling us the truth, then you don’t have to give me anything more than a blank sheet of paper to collect the $5M.

    Will you take my bet? All I need is for you to disclose the names of all medical doctors who were involved in any way in your vaccine injury diagnosis and/or treatment within 21 days of the booster (based on your knowledge and Dr. Mark Ghaly’s knowledge) and an irrevocable order from you authorizing and instructing that all of these doctors disclose to me any and all vaccine-related conversations, emails, notes, and/or medical records regarding you and your vaccine side effects in the 21 days after you got your booster and give me permission to disclose that information publicly. That’s it. Easy peasy.

    If you were telling the truth, you have absolutely nothing to lose. You will provide me with a blank piece of paper since there were no doctors involved.

    So you get $5M for doing nothing more than handing me a blank piece of paper. What could be better than that?

    It’s a deal you can’t refuse if you are telling the truth.

    Gavin, accepting my bet will enhance your credibility (which has now been tarnished) and you’ll be $5M richer. If you like, I will donate the money to one of your favorite charities or use it to help the vaccine injured.

    So if you are telling the truth, this is a no-lose proposition! A true no-brainer.

    What do you say?

    I say, “Let’s go Gavin.”

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    E. Grogan

    Steve Kirsch for governor of California! I love this guy!


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