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    Thousands Of Americans Expected To Peacefully March On Washington, DC To Defeat The Mandates And Save Their Jobs

    December 31, 2021
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    Thousands Of Americans Expected To Peacefully March On Washington, DC To Defeat The Mandates And Save Their Jobs

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    Groups band together to fight medical tyranny in Washington, D.C. in the coming weeks, including Robert F. Kennedy's Children's Health Defense. The press release is below.

    An American Homecoming

    January 23, 2022  /  Washington, DC

    WASHINGTON, DC, December 30, 2021 – Thousands of concerned citizens including doctors, nurses, and physicians – black, white, Asian, Hispanic; vaccinated and unvaccinated; Democrats and Republicans - will peacefully march on Washington in opposition to the mandates on January 23.   

    Organizers have named the effort “An American Homecoming,” and stress that those marching are not against the vaccinated.  Many of them are vaccinated. They are against forcing vaccination on Americans. 

    Frustration continues to build as more and more Americans face growing censorship and risk losing their jobs and being de-platformed on social media for voicing their personal opinions that run counter to the ever-changing “Beltway narrative.”  The discrimination now felt by many - from restaurants and hotels to local businesses is un-American.

    Vaccine Safety, especially amongst children, has been a serious cause for concern for doctors around the world and is another driving force behind the march.  In fact, more than 15,000 physicians and medical scientists around the world signed a declaration publicly declaring that healthy children should NOT be vaccinated for Covid-19. 

    On behalf of these MDs and PhDs, Dr. Robert Malone, who has devoted his career to vaccine development, provides parents a clear statement outlining the scientific facts behind this decision.

    "As a parent and grandparent, my recommendation to you is to resist and fight to protect your children," said Dr. Malone on December 13 during a livestream with the Global Covid Summit.  A video can be found here.

    Europe and Australia and countries around the world have already participated in a series of largescale protests, as part of the Worldwide Rally for Freedom.  Those events have drawn hundreds of thousands – united in opposition to the mandates and refusing to comply.  January 23 will be the next day that the whole world comes together.  US organizers believe it is time for America to step up and join the rest of the world.

    The march will begin at the Washington Monument and end at the Lincoln Memorial where there will be a program. of featured speakers, artists, and musicians.  The first half will consist of thought leaders and medical experts.  The second half will highlight several national celebrities who will take a stand against the mandates.  The “ask” for everyone at the march is simple: “Do Not Comply.”

    Organizers believe that ultimately, “Defeat the Mandates – an American Homecoming” will help bring about new policies at the federal, state, and local level to eliminate the blatant discrimination and censorship currently taking place. 

    Partners for this event include the Global Covid Summit and the Children’s Health Defense Fund, and the goal is to encourage the public to “do not comply.”

    Further details will be released as the date gets closer.


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