• REPORT: CCP May Have Launched New Variant - "People Bleeding From The Eyes, Nose, Mouth..."

    January 3, 2022
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    War Room Pandemic European Correspondent Ben Harnwell today reported on a possible 'new variant' found in Xi'an City, China, where the city of over ten million people has been completely locked down.

    Reportedly residents are screaming from their windows as they starve due to no food.

    Harnwell describes reports from inside the municipality sent to his Gettr account that residents have been seen bleeding from the eye, nose and mouth from whatever biological agent is behind the lockdown.

    This possible release follows the exact path the CCP chose with the release and intentional spread of the first biological warfare agent - Covid 19, or more affectionately called the 'CCP virus'. Release in China, lockdown the city to prevent further spread in-country, then actively spread the agent in the West -- this tactic provides the Xi communist government with 'plausible deniability'.

    Harnwell describes the above in the later part of the video clip below from this morning's show.

    We have been expecting such an attack since the cabal is obviously losing power and policital control daily, gained nefariously from the first bioweapon release and its effects.

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    Donut Eater

    Xi’an has a lot of Muslims.


    I read hantavirus….but who knows


    Fire eradicated the plague. Certainly an option.


    Something tells me China wouldn't mind losing a couple hundred million people, or even a billion people if it meant they could take over North America.


    That’s exactly what Bill Gates’ fantasy is here in America! That’s what these “VACCINES” are for. People need to research it snd see him during his interviews or on Ted Talk where he admits it! Population control by the use of experimental vaccines.

    Sal Carfagno

    The variant that I see spreading the most is the communist totalitarian variant. And it seems to be getting little resistance from the sheeple.

    Sal Carfagno

    The bleeding from the eyes, ears and nose are probably due to the night sticks the CCP uses to control their unarmed population. Try that here in the good old USA and see what happens !!


    The shitt-for-brains that are now running this country are attempting to shut down, again, the entire country over a variant of the covid virus that has killed no one. This is more about attempting to control every aspect of our lives.
    Time to tell senile, little girl fondling Joe Biden and his clowns to shove it. Take off you silly mask, they do nothing to protect you from covid, ignore their stupid mandates and live your life. Stop being sheep and tell them to go to hell. Alec Baldwin has killed more people than Omicron.

    The two absolute dumbest most brain dead inept incompetent least self aware incapable and totally clueless persons on the entire planet are now president and vice president (senile Biden isn't sure which is which)running this country, all due to a rigged election.




    Tell us how you really feel


    EUA's expire on the 15th of January. They need a reason to extend them to keep this tyranny train a roll'n. Simple as that.


    All are hemorrahagic fever causing bleeding from eyes, nose, mouth

    Yellow fever


    They played Hillary's voice over loudspeakers. Nothing to see here, move along.

    Tony Bell

    Nature has ways to "culling the herd", when the herd's populating get too large to sustain. We see in for example in rabbits, their numbers diminish and then they regain, time after time, the predictor prey balance. We see it in forests, overgrown sections get thinned by fire or disease. It is seen in sea life, populations again die off from starvation or disease. Is humanity any different, wars, diseases, starvation, etc.? Not that I put mush stock in the evolution theory, but I do believe in the "survival of the fittest" concept.




    First, TPTB claimed global warming as a serious issue and was do to over population. World population is declining do to low birth rates. Science predicts world population at 3B by 2100. Global warming/population control is a lie. Now we have a lethal flu running rampant with variants; usher in the DNA altering shot to save the day. People are dropping dead and being maimed from this shot. Further, people are still catching covid after vacination. So, reason tells me the shot is not the end game. The restrictions being introduced, mandates and forced vaccination, producing a vax passport seems to be the goal. In our big tech internet driven world, it is very easy to track and force people into compliance by threatening to remove basic needs as evidenced by China. Revelation is very clear on the coming dark times. Christians will suffer through the first 5 seals which includes the anti-christ in power, persecution, jailed and death.


    That’s exactly what Bill Gates’ fantasy is here in America! That’s what these “VACCINES” are for. People need to research it snd see him during his interviews or on Ted Talk where he admits it! Population control by the use of experimental vaccines.


    Remember everybody pushing for the vax is an Illuminati member and they have all at one time or another said that the world's population should be reduced by 3/5 minimum. Looks like it's time for round 2 courtesy of the CCP.


    Any information that gets "leaked" out of China is propaganda and a huge exaggeration or outright lie. The CCP controls any information that comes in or goes out of that country, period. I recall these same types of reports coming out of Wuhan two years ago... people dropping dead on the street, foaming at the mouth, etc. Nothing but lies, but it's meant to serve some purpose of the CCP. Don't fall for the hysteria.

    Fed up totally

    This s**t isn't ever going to end until these governments get the desired number of deaths they're looking for


    Would that not contradict "q-anon" B.S.? of Xi being part of "Q-anon"
    trump 2024 would be disasterous as he is a puppet just like biden. No "savior" will save us. Make your counties 0 dependent on the US copporation of DC
    He refused to take a bullet as JFK and Lincoln did. He refused to show the world proof the US has been nuclear blackmailed for the last over 100+ yrs. There are only a tiny few "leaders" who stood up to these bankers and they all dead. England is headquarters of freemasonry/zionism. The foolish outer many freemasons will be the scapegoat for the few inner freemasons
    "science" is out of control, there is a real science and it has not played a role in what has happened to the world in last 70 or so years


    The beginning of the end!


    Sorry but it's hard to take Inspector Clouseau seriously.

    jerry snaper

    Some years back we sent teams to Ireland to dig up plague victims, extract the virus and bring it back to the USA for ??????

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