• VIDEO: Children's Health Defense Discussion On Pfizer EUA Delay

    February 12, 2022
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    CHD: Protect The Kids: Demand The FDA Vote No On EUA For 6 Month Olds Up To 5 Years!

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    Children's Health Defense has been out in front in fighting the vaccine mandates for children, due to the deadly side effects.

    The CDH TV team talks in-depth about the delay of the Pfizer emergency use authorization by the FDA.

    Watch the entire Q&A Episode here.

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    In his book, RFK JR unnecessarily trashed Pres. Trump for his "style' yet he mentioned nothing about the race-hating Joe Biden colluding with big pharma and the Fauci Fraud scam to terrorize and dominate the citizenry using a disease not found in nature and profiteering the thing. RFK JR's self-glorifying glaringly displays his quest to be viewed as some sort of 'hero'.

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