A TRUCKER WIN: Ontario To End Vaccine Passport Requirements On March 1, Trudeau Declares Emergency

February 14, 2022
Amazing Footage -The Canadian Cavalry Joins The Truckers As Cowboys On Horseback Join The Protest

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Ontario will end its vaccine passport requirements on March 1, 2022, the province announced Monday in a press release.

Claiming “key public health and health system indicators” are “continuing to improve,” the province announced it will ease the next set of restrictions this week, on February 17, increasing social gathering limits at a variety of places. Indoor social gathering spaces will see a capacity increase to 50, and indoor public settings where proof of vaccination is required will have capacity limits removed completely.

That includes restaurants, bars, cinemas, casinos, and fitness facilities...

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    2 comments on “A TRUCKER WIN: Ontario To End Vaccine Passport Requirements On March 1, Trudeau Declares Emergency”

    1. Trudeau is a Sociopath every one of his mandates needs cancelation, and Trudeau needs to be tried before a military court for his involvement with crimes against humanity to start with.


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