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    No Surprise – Dr Fauci Is Wrong About TSA, Vaccinations, Boosters

    June 3, 2022
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    Guest post by John Hughes


    I am an Emergency Physician in Texas.  As such I have been treating covid patients for nearly 2 ½ years and have a pretty good feel for covid trends, at least in my sector of the country.  On 18 April 2022, in response to a judge’s ruling, TSA halted the mandate for masks to be worn on public transportation, including airplanes.  On April 21, 2022, Newsweek quoted Fauci as saying “I think its unfortunate that a court order came in and, I believe, superseded the authority of the CDC.”   He said the CDC extended the mandate until May and "wanted to see what the pattern of infection is during this bit of a surge we're seeing [in parts of the country]."1  On 28 May, the Department of Justice asked a federal appeals court to overturn the TSA mandate ruling and allow the CDC to reinstate masking on public transportation.  

    Since the lifting of the TSA mandate, I personally have flown on 11 flights unmasked with mostly unmasked passengers on planes.  As a physician and therefore a scientist, I rely on objective data to form professional opinions.  Subjectively, I hated masking and thought it never did any good to prevent the spread of covid and therefore enjoyed flying maskless again.  Objectively, looking at the chart from the CDC’s own website, you see a slight increase in covid cases in 2022, but they began around spring break time in March but with a corresponding continuation of the trend in decreased deaths.  Passengers began flying maskless on 19 Apr 2022.  The slight upswing had already started a month before and have peaked in early June and deaths continued to fall, showing Dr Fauci’s erroneous prediction.

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    In May 2022, CNN reported that by early 2022, vaccinated Americans accounted for a rising share of covid deaths, now up to 40% of deaths.2  My experience in ERs in Texas mirrors this trend for increased morbidity/mortality in vaccinated Americans.  I work in small free-standing ERs where I admit only 1-2 patients per shift to a hospital for further care.  During the last week, I worked 3 shifts in ERs in Texas and admitted 5 covid patients to the hospital for non-respiratory reasons; all were vaccinated and boosted. They suffered from severe dehydration and heart complications.  During the same span I gave 5 antibody infusions to covid positive patients meeting inclusion criteria for the outpatient treatment and all 5 patients were also vaccinated and boosted.  Worse, 2 of the antibody patients had just gotten off a cruise ship and were sick during most of the cruise with covid.  Remember that almost all cruise ship companies require passengers to be fully vaccinated, so these 2 patients were vaccinated and boosted and still caught (and spread) covid on a cruise ship.  Despite this, Dr Fauci is still pushing for continued covid booster development and fielding.

    Dr Fauci was clearly wrong about the TSA and the CDC and White House need to follow the science and stop mask mandates.  Further, Dr Fauci and the White House should admit that they were wrong to the nation if they wish to regain credibility.  The government seems to be disconnected from the science and continuing to push draconian, expensive measures on a weary society and it is, to use Dr Fauci’s word, ‘unfortunate’ that it took a commonsense judge in Florida to protect American citizens from the subjectivity of the CDC, Dr Fauci, and the White House who have much to gain from continued fear mongering of covid.

    1Browne, Ed.  “Fauci Says End of Plane Mask Mandate ‘Unfortunate,’ Judge Superceded CDC.  Newsweek 21 April 2022.

    2McPhillips, Deidre.  “Growing Share of Covid Deaths are Among Vaccinated People, but Booster Shots Substantially Lower the Risk.”  CNN.  11 May 2022.

    John Hughes, MD




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