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    U.S. Agrees To Pay Pfizer/BioNTech $3.2 Billion For More Vaccines

    June 30, 2022

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    If you follow the PHARMA contracts and money, it is clear the COVID-19 pandemic is far from over in the eyes of the Biden Administration going into the 2022 general election. 

    Late Wednesday, Pfizer/BioNTech announced yet another $3.2 billion vaccine agreement with the U.S. government. 

    Last week, Dr. Deborah Birx, who stood side-by-side with Dr. Anthony Fauci during the Trump White House COVID briefings, testified on Capitol Hill that the the vaccines were not safe and effective as earlier stated to the public. The exchange with congress was an extraordinary exchange. 

    Republican Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) asked Dr. Birx, “When the government told us that the vaccinated couldn’t transmit [COVID-19], was that a lie or was that a guess?”

    “I think it was hope that the vaccine would work in that way,” responded Birx. “And that’s why I think scientists and public health leaders always have to be at the table being very clear what we know and what we don’t know.” 

    Earlier this week, The FDA’s Dr. Paul Marks once again was ginning up the expectation of more waves of covid going into the fall and winter months even though the vaccinated injuries and deaths continue to rise while The FDA independent panels discussed standards, safety and efficacy going forward, which led some to conclude that it was a farce. 

    "I think this was a CYA to let the FDA do whatever they want," said Dr. Meryl Nass, who monitored the hearing and has been following the efficacy and safety for Children's Health Defense. 

    On Tuesday, The FDA’s so-called independent panel voted 19 to 2 to recommend that new Covid-19 shots include Omicron variants.

    Within 48 hours, Pfizer/BioNTech announced the new agreement with the U.S. government. 

    With  various Omicron variants so far, who knows which one Pfizer/BioNTech will be bringing to market, or if a new variant may be identified by the time these shots are produced and distributed, and they too prove ineffectie and negatively impact the injected’s autoimmune systems further.  

    Who knows if they will cause the cardio, vascular and neurological injuries known to date, but not officially recognized by The FDA, NIH, NIAID, and CDC officially, as attested to by many vaccinated injured interviewed by CDM.Press for over the last 18 months. 

    The U.S. government has contracted to pay  $3.2 billion upon receipt of the first 105 million doses. Under the agreement, the U.S. government has the option to purchase up to 195 million additional doses, bringing the total number of potential doses to 300 million.

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    Under the agreement, the U.S. government will receive 105 million doses, and may include adult Omicron-adapted COVID-19 vaccines, subject to authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The doses are planned to be delivered as soon as late summer 2022 and continue into late 2022. 

    “As the virus evolves, this new agreement will help ensure people across the country have access to vaccines that may provide protection against current and future variants,” said Albert Bourla, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Pfizer. “Vaccines have been and will remain critical to protecting people of all ages against COVID-19. We remain proud of our long-term partnership with the U.S. government in helping to address this pandemic, and of the ongoing impact of vaccination efforts in the U.S. and around the world.”

    “This agreement will provide additional doses for U.S. residents and help cope with the next COVID-19 wave. Pending regulatory authorization, it will also include an Omicron-adapted vaccine, which we believe is important to address the rapidly spreading Omicron variant,” said Sean Marett, Chief Business and Chief Commercial Officer of BioNTech. “We appreciate the continued partnership of the U.S. government in our shared goal to help end this pandemic.”

    On June 25, 2022, Pfizer and BioNTech reported pivotal data demonstrating the safety, tolerability and immunogenicity of two Omicron-adapted vaccine candidates. These data have been shared with regulators, including the FDA, and a request for U.S. Emergency Use Authorization is planned. 



    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”
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    Nicolas P Cignetti

    Is this really a vaccine???????

    Marty G Kirkpatrick

    According to them a Vaccine doesn't protect from infection--Ludicrous!


    Is this a joke? 3.2 billion for a failed therapeutic masquerading as a pseudo-vaccine. If they need it so bad why not buy Denmark's stash they're trying to unload? Oh.... right... it's the corruption stupid.


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