Biden Administration Declares 'Monkey Pox' Public Health Emergency

August 4, 2022

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HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra declares #monkeypox a public health emergency in the United States.

More than 6,600 cases of monkeypox have been confirmed in the United States since May 18 with the vast majority occurring among men who have sex with men — a total that has doubled about every 8 days, but which experts believe is a significant undercount. Officials have also reported at least five cases of monkeypox in children, who are believed to have gotten infected through household transmission, reported The Washington Post.

It seems the Biden White House is looking for any reason to use executive authority to hold onto power in this election cycle.

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    2 comments on “Biden Administration Declares 'Monkey Pox' Public Health Emergency”

    1. Seeking to ask a Constitution attorney the requisite to declare a “public health emergency “ so we’re not being misled and cajoled again. Let’s begin push back in earnest by seeking first understanding: delineation of the legal requirements they need to follow.


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