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    Poll Finds 12 Million Americans Experienced Major Covid Vaccine Side Effects; Nearly 60% Americans Concerned 

    December 11, 2022
    McCullough: Pandemic Won’t End Until Mass Vaccination Stops

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    Americans are waking up to covid vaccinations side effects as their concern about them grow per a Rasmussen recent poll.

    Over 12 million Americans have experienced major side effects due to the covid vaccinations, and nearly 60% of Americans are concerned about adverse effects reports Mark Mitchell, the head pollster of Rasmussen Reports. 

    “The results are astounding,” states Mitchell, “extremely important information.”

     Rasmussen’s poll found that 56%  of Americans think the vaccines are “somewhat effective,” but 41% of vaccinated Americans, or 28% of the US population, have experienced at least a minor vaccine side effect while 5% of U.S. adult population, which is 12 million Americans, have reported a major side effect as a result of the covid vaccines. 

    How effective are COVID-19 vaccines at preventing the infection with the virus was one of the questions Rasmussen asked. The poll found more men than women believing that the vaccines are somewhat effective. 

    Very effective - 26%

    Somewhat effective - 30%

    Not every effective - 19%

    Not at all effective - 19%

    Mitchell claims that political parties dictate views about the effectiveness of the vaccine. While 40% of republicans believe the vaccines are very or somewhat effective and 45% of the independents do as well, 80% of democrats believe the vaccines are very or somewhat effective. 

    Of those who believe the vaccines are not effective, the breakdown is 56% of republicans and 45% of independents while 6% of democrats say the vaccine is not at all effective. 

    The breakdown on the concern about major covid vaccine is high with 57% of Americans concerned about covid vaccine major side effects. Of that number, 31% are very concerned; 40% are not concerned and of that 18% are not at all concerned. Women are more concerned than men, and women under 40 years of age are more concerned than any other group at 69%. Hispanics are more concerned when the figures are broken down by race. 

    Broken down by party, 74% of republicans, 56% of  independents and 43% of democrats are concerned about major vaccine side effects. That boils down to 57% of Americans concerned about major vaccine side effects. 

    Of all of the Americans vaccinated, 69% are concerned about side effects. Of the 68% of American adults who are vaccinated, 41% believe they have experienced a major or minor side effect. Of that group, 7% said they have experienced a major side effects and 34% have experienced a minor side effect. 

    Translated - what do these numbers mean. 

    There are 258 million adults in US per the 2020 census. That means that 175 million are vaccinated. With Rasmussen findings, that means that over 12 million American adults have had major side effects due to the vaccines. That is 11 times higher than the reported covid death number, and 72 million have experienced a minor side effect due to the covid vaccine. 

    The firm polled 1,000 Americans from November 30, 2022 - December 1, 2022. on their views.

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    Christine Dolan

    Christine Dolan is a seasoned Investigative Journalist, television producer, author, and photographer. She is Co-Founder of American Conversations whose format focuses on in-depth analysis of critical issues about “the story behind the headlines.”
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    The mRNA gene therapy is the greatest crime committed against humanity in history.


    I can't wait to be able to sell my UNTAINTED O- blood for a premium price.....a real liquid asset.....
    Never took the slab jabs and NEVER WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hunter B.

    Vaccines don’t work, stop poisoning your children and loved ones!

    Old Vet

    Blood for sale?? Seems there are new clinics for "untainted blood" cropping up worldwide. Really, duh!


    This pole can't be accurate since they missed the number of people who's major side effect was death.
    It is against international law to test any drug on any population of people, when those tested are not advised they are part of a test and without their permission. These drug companies admit to giving millions an untested drug without knowing the side effects. They should pay all the costs for damages and any claim for exemption must be removed due to fraud. By the way if you took the jab you are now part of the GMO family.


    These COVID vaccines were not made as normal vaccines, which use a small bit of a virus and then about 5 years to produce and can only be released to the public if only about 100 people have issues. These COVID vaccines were made by creating the mRNA to change the DNA and released in a year without testing.

    The COVID virus and the vaccines all came from China. The results of COVID vaccines were not known for affects, including side affects and death. Plus going into a hospital the work of the Doctor and nurses never has been clear from the initial time as the government gave money for COVID work even if they had other work and it was reported wrong. Many COVID deaths show that people have blood clots per autopsy.

    No one



    I wonder how they polled those who died from their vax.

    Freddie the dog

    I highly encourage every Democrat to get boosted every 8 weeks. They should also make sure their kids, 6 months and up, are fully vaxed and boosted. Everyone else, sit this one out. The vaccine will ultimately cure a whole host of problems. Be patient.


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