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    US Medical Leaders Dig The Hole Deeper

    January 17, 2023
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    2023 has arrived.  Courtesy of Elon Musk, the suspected and now proven collusion between the federal government, pharmaceutical industry, and Twitter are now known as fact. Conspirators in this situation usually have two choices – 1. admit the misdeed or 2. add more lies and deception to cover up past lies.  It seems the medical community has chosen choice number 2.

    1 January 2023 saw the implementation of the California Bill AB2098 that now criminalizes the risk/benefit discussion on covid vaccines and treatments.  This Orwellian law effectively ends over a century of important and necessary strides to protect patient rights from potentially harmful new and experimental drugs and treatments.  Fortunately, some California physicians have filed a lawsuit to challenge the law. If the vaccine is harmless, there should be nothing to hide.  Censorship begs the question of a cover up.  Accordingly, the American Medical Association, American College of Emergency Physicians, and other large medical groups have been silent on the bill.

    Pfizer executives’ meddling in Twitter’s censorship programming was revealed.  Remember that Pfizer still reaps billions from each iteration of the Covid vaccine and booster so they have a vested interest in suppressing any discussions that question the safety and efficacy of the vaccine.  This corruption is clearly unethical and borders now into the criminal.  Again, major medical organizations have been silent on the Twitter revelations.

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    The American Medical Association has begun the year by continuing its push with other medical organizations to continue their campaigns of intimidation against physicians under the guise of preventing what they call ‘medical misinformation.’  Never mind that as the years of COVID-19 roll on, the real perpetrators of ‘medical misinformation’ are appearing to be the medical organizations themselves.  

    COVID-19 is causing unprecedented numbers of cases in China, or so it seems.  In all likelihood, China is finally reporting some measure of accuracy in the scope of the disease’s spread in its country.  Recall that China reported only a few thousand deaths for the first 2 years of the pandemic while the numbers of cases in the rest of the world were exponentially higher.  Again, major US medical organizations are not discussing or questioning the oddity that suddenly nearly 3 years into the pandemic China has its first major incidences of deaths from the virus.

    Cruise lines have dropped the vaccine mandates for the most part.  As has the DoD (reluctantly and only after federal government decree).  Many other facets of society are relaxing more and more.  Yet, against this backdrop, the medical community’s leadership has maintained a hard line in an attempt to control the narrative.  Potential motives at this point are unclear and wide ranging.  Profiteering from the drug industry? Using medical crises to enable other progressive/Marxist engineering of society? Pride?

    Between the opening of the Twitter vault of censorship secrets to the beginnings of Congressional investigations under new political leadership, answers may be forthcoming.  2023 could very well be a pivotal year because if answers and a change of medical leadership don’t come soon, damage may become irreversible to science and the health of the nation.  Lies and censorship are becoming ingrained in the dogma of medical culture. I pray that science and not propaganda once again govern the medical community before year’s end.  Until then, public and governmental pressure must continue to be applied to end the medical tyranny.

    John Hughes, MD
    Emergency Physician

    Veteran of OIF/OEF



    John Hughes

    Emergency Physician. United States Military Academy Class of 1996. #1 graduate. 3rd Generation West Pointer. 4 combat tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. www.americandoctor.org Member of STARRS.US & MacArthur Society of West Point Graduates.
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    Trust is like virginity. Once it's gone it's gone forever. The medical establishment has abused any trust they once had.


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