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Kim Jong-Un Take Train To Hanoi To Meet POTUS

Kim Jong-Un Take Train To Hanoi To Meet POTUS
Image by Ronald Menti

Korean Dear Leader Kim Jong-Un has reportedly left on his bullet-proof train to Hanoi to meet with U.S. President Donald Trump in a second summit this Wednesday and Thursday in the latest attempt to ‘denuclearize’ the Korean Peninsula.

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A North Korean diplomatic source informed Russian state news agency TASS that around 17:00 local time (11:00 Moscow time), the North Korean leader left for Hanoi in an armored train. He is expected to travel all the way to Vietnam by train, passing China.

The total distance between Pyongyang and Hanoi surpasses 4,500 kilometers. The North Korean leader’s trip is expected to last for over 48 hours, reported TASS.

Earlier, Trump announced that he would meet with Kim Jong Un for the second time in Vietnam’s capital Hanoi on February 27-28.

The first summit between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump took place in Singapore on June 12, 2018. The parties signed a joint document, in which Pyongyang committed to denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula in return for US security guarantees.

The North Korean leader may or may not have a morbid fear of flying (he has been photographed on aircraft flying to China) as did his father; however, he prefers traveling in his armored train due to a deep-seated fear of being assassinated.

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