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    BREAKING: White House Believes COVID-19 Came From Wuhan Bio Lab...Incident Could Mean End Of Communist Party Rule In China

    March 2, 2020
    BREAKING: White House Believes COVID-19 Came From Wuhan Bio Lab...Incident Could Mean End Of Communist Party Rule In China

    This story is developing...

    Sources within the Trump administration have informed CD Media that The White House believes COVID-19 originated in the bio lab in Wuhan, and not from the wildlife 'wet market' which is the narrative pushed by Chinese officials.

    The source also said the Trump team believes the incident will spark the end of Communist Party rule in China, due to the complete collapse of the economy.

    We will report more on this as we obtain more information.



    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    I don't believe it will happen. Red China will kill as many people as it has to to keep the Communist Party in Power. What Mao did will look like child's play. If POTUS will keep the sanctions on, add more for this bio stunt, and lock out all goods and people coming from China then it might work. But remember Red China holds a very large amount of our debt and good severely harm the Dollar.


    Not good....meant COULD. Does not seem to be an edit feature available.


    Revolutions are a tricky thing. When people panic and order breaks down, even the strictest government can lose control. There are over a BILLION people in China...that a lot of people to control. In the best of time, China has a problem with their large population. This is going to be very interesting.


    China owes the US over 1 Trillion dollars. People are not aware of this. During the Tang Dynasty which was the most hard corps Dynasty in Chinese History, fell after 600 years. The communists may slaughter their people, but that will not stop their down fall. Since xi started screwing with GOD, GOD is GETTING SOME!


    Communists are strong in stealing and imitation of the Western models,weak at the creation of their own ones. The second : this sneezing virus with 1/20 death tall is too weak as the biological weapon.


    What an absurd comment. The PRC has one of if not the largest military in the world and their soldiers have no compunction against shooting the citizens. The military has all the weapons. Tienanmen taught them that the West will turn a blind eye to violence committed against their own people. To think that the PRC will not do everything imaginable (and some unimaginable to Western eyes) is to indulge in the worst form of self delusion.


    20 million people were killed in the Taiping Rebellion of the 1860-70's with a population of 440 million. Mao killed 60 million just for the hell of it out of a population of 900 million. With a population of 1.4 billion, even if a million people die from this virus this is a rounding error and little more. The Communist party will kill a billion people to stay in power and they will do it with nukes if necessary to make an example of any city or any military command that falls out of line. In Communist politics there is no God to hold you accountable and every human you kill is one that you don't have to feed. Killing their own people has never been a problem for communist governments.

    John Kelley

    Get a fever thermometer.
    A fever for covid-19 is 100.4+ or higher. (not 98.7 to 100.3)
    Don't go to the hospital unless you need to (if have fever, trouble breathing, shortness of breath, very weak or tired go to hospital)
    Don’t horde face masks.
    Call head before going to the hospital.


    There could be a Revolution as people emerge from COVID 19 and if China's economy is in shambles. But XI will use all out force on his own people and then the global community will be outraged at Xi's tactics. As hard as China is trying to control the messaging out of China, they will not be able to control a revolution. Then you are talking about global intervention as the international community witness the atrocities of Communist China which has had a lid on it for many years. XI will go to war against whoever intervenes. N Korea/Iran could very well back XI up. XI is an extreme hardliner. His panda face belies what he really is...right in line with MAO. It would get really bad, really fast.

    Dan Janson

    A Chinese revolution will mean many millions of Chinese refugees migrating to America. Everything that can fly or float will be arriving with more Chinese than any American could possibly imagine. Wonder if the thinkers in Washington DC have been considering that.

    Rachel u

    An interesting aside; I read that the entire CALPERS I invested in China...could this also topple Commiefornia?

    Show me

    Got to agree with Larry and Vetmike. The Red Army mission is to protect the Chinese Communist Party. They don’t work for China,but for the Chinese Communist Party. China and its people are expendable. The entire mission of the Chinese Communist Party is to stay in power and to make sure that communism is firmly in place in China. The police and secret police have the same mission, to keep the Chinese Communist Party in power.
    People are sent to re-education camps every day in CChina or disappear, or are imprisoned for months, even years without even coming before a magistrate.
    The carnage of 7/11, Tienanmen Square, with estimates do death ranging from a thousand to over 50 thousand from credible witnesses reported by the British consulate means there’s no limit, that there is no restraint on military force and there won’t be any reports, nevermind discipline on any military force putting down a civilian rebellion. The Chinese Communist Party took their ques from Joseph Stalin’s, N. Korea, and Che Quevara in how to carry out and then sustain the rebellion, even in the face of opposition.
    If anything, new social scoring apps for cell phones have been developed to enforce the lockdown on Chinese citizens, so this is actually an opportunity for the Chinese Communist party to sharpen its claws and tighten its grip on China, expanding powers and destroying opposition as it goes about its business.

    Michael Niu

    Let's see more evidence of this bio-weapon not just fake news.......


    China needs to be responsible for the world economic losses, the people who got infected and died. If the Chinese government continues to be so stubborn, every “angry” country should declare war against them. The war against China also solves the human rights issue, saving billions of people.

    Oksanna Zoschenko

    Firstly, the CCP consists of an oligarchy of a dozen tuling families whose children are in control of military districts, hold mayorships of provincial capitals and are CEOs of major trading conglomerates. Throughout the Chinese military and amongst the ruling familiar, aliases are used for security and to hide the nepotism, a truck they learned from the Soviets, who all had aliases. The CCP rulers’ children intermarry in arranged pairings to cement familial power, following the feudal tradition. Secondly, all Western governments of diverse political persuasions are indebted to globalism, which is itself inextricably intertwined with China. The reason that the accidental release of viruses (plural) from the Wuhan bio labs (whether from innocent SARS research or bio-weapons development) is not a permitted narrative in Western mass and social media, is that the resentment it would generate worldwide, would threaten global finance and manufacturing, which has already relocated to China, leaving the West the poorer. Globalists can not afford for knowledge of the viral chimerae (plural) creation and biolab breaches to become public knowledge. Even though Dr. Zhou Peng’s research success in creating SARS/HIV chimerae is there published in reputable journals for all to see. Thirdly, the communists will do whatever it takes to retain power as others here have commented. The true death toll in Wuhan, extreme measures of containment, will one day become better known, but our Western media will ensure the news is muted. To sum up, to blame everything on the CCP is to overlook the role of globalism which has a vested interest in the longevity of the reign of the Chinese communist oligarchy.


    All the people around the world, if you see my comment, please make sure you and people around you fully understand that totalitarianism is NOTHING better than democracy! DO NOT believe that socialism will be better than capitalism! Our Chinese socialism should actually be called national capitalism!


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