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    BREAKING: Chinese Virologist Claims Coronavirus Derived From 'Zhoushan Bat Virus'...Implicates Fauci In Coverup For China

    August 11, 2020
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    A Chinese virologist has alleged the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) developed the Chinese coronavirus in a lab and is an 'engineered chimera' with 'gain of function' capabilities...in other words, a bioweapon developed by the CCP that was released upon the world. She alleges Dr. Anthony Fauci and the World Health Organization (WHO) are involved in a massive coverup for the Chicoms.

    A Chinese virologist and whistleblower on Wednesday (Aug. 5) claimed the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) is a chimera based on the "Zhoushan bat virus" and chastised the World Health Organization (WHO) for lying about the virus and operating according to mutual "benefits" rather than in the interest of world health, reported Taiwan News.

    Yan then claimed that she and her team have produced a scientific report that shows the origin of COVID-19 is the "PLA-owned Zhoushan bat coronavirus." She plans to release the report in the near future, and accuses the WHO of "covering up numerous lies for the CCP."


    The virologist said Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) scientist Shi Zhengli, also known as "Bat Woman," deliberately posted a paper on Feb. 3 to draw attention to a coronavirus strain identified as RaTG13, which is a strain she and her team discovered in bats in Yunnan in 2013 and that is 96 percent identical to SARS-CoV-2. Yan claims this was an orchestrated attempt to throw investigators off the Zhoushan bat virus strains, while Shi herself claims the fact that RaTG13 is 4 percent different from SARS-CoV-2 exonerates her lab from being the source of the outbreak.

    Speaking of gain-of-function research, Yan alleged that White House health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci knows "more than me how they approved those gain-of-function research findings to (fund) these Chinese labs under the CCP's control," possibly in reference to a Newsweek report alleging Fauci's organization funded gain-of-function research on bat coronavirus at the WIV.

    You can read more here at Taiwan News.



    CDM Staff

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    Alexx Strogan

    Even if they unequivocally prove that Fauci the Liar is deliberately covering-up the truth for China...he won't face any consequences. Democrats and Globalists are literally above the law in the USA now days...and have been, globally, for years.


    Shi Zhengli is likely on the CCP's list to be "Arkincided." Too bad. She's a very brave woman.

    Carlos Mezon

    For all you gringos out there, "Zhoushan" is pronounced:

    Joe (as in the common name), and
    Sean (as in Hannity)


    Time to arrest Faucteeth. Arrest governors for violating your Constitutional rights and committing treason. Mass hanging all across America?


    I’ll bring the rope.


    This is old news my friends, but then again you have to listen to sites that actually tell you truth when things happen. Mike Adams of the "Health Ranger" told us of this months ago. How? Because he has his own lab and whistle-blower contacts within the scientific community. He also described why that chunk of bat virus DNA/RNA was inserted into the Corona-Virus. Why is it that just now we are beginning to believe a Chinese Virologist rather than our American counterparts.

    This Lock Down idiocy must end and Trump need to make it end, LIKE YESTERDAY !


    This article lacks any tangible substance and was therefore a waste of my time.


    Here's how you know something isn't truthful.

    It's on Youtube.


    perhaps, but what if Faucci was working for Obama ? What if covid 19 is a natural virus that was simply grown in a lab and then distributed by the Chinese mandatory vaccine program in order for Obama to plan to subvert the US Constitution and form a Socialist Republic. Disprove the allegations https://medium.com/@edwardagreenhalgh/covid-19-world-economic-collapse-under-the-rule-of-law-the-lock-downs-are-illegal-and-not-a-real-556c4b9b4ca8


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