China Could Launch Surprise Nuclear Attack: Top US General

November 20, 2021

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A top US general is warning that China has the ability to launch a nuclear attack on the US after it tested a hypersonic weapon. NBA player Enes Kanter is pulling out all the stops in his criticism of the Chinese Communist Party, and he's also aiming his criticism at US President Joe Biden, who held a virtual summit with Chinese presitator Xi Jinping this week. And amid all the shocking and horrifying news about China's pandemic lockdowns and mandated quarantining, there's still more disturbing news—the Chinese Communist Party is going after peoples' pets, writes China Uncensored.

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10 comments on “China Could Launch Surprise Nuclear Attack: Top US General”

  1. The Principle of Mutually Assured destruction which has presented a nuclear war for the last 76 years still applies. The proliferation of nuclear weapon and their vast dispersal have counterintuitively decreases the chances of a nuclear war ever breaking out.

  2. Wouldn't be a very popular idea in China: They are heavily invested in North American real estate and nuclear fallout from the type of attack necessary would render it unuseable for many years.

  3. China's new hypersonic missile changes the whole picture. They could attack and we have no defense against this new capability. Our military took 2 days to determine what had just happened when China tested the hypersonic missile. They were too busy making sure Transgenders were not being discriminated against in our military and making sure that white supremacists were being discharged to worry about nuclear threats from China.

  4. B-17, U.S. nuclear submarines would respond and turn China into a smoking wasteland and they know it.
    A conventional battle over Taiwan is possible, but even that is doubtful. The civilized world would boycott
    and isolate China diplomatically. All that money they make selling the world their junk would dry up.

  5. If China strikes, they won't use a dirty bomb - they have the Neutron Bomb. The Neutron Bomb kills living things with a high burst of radiation, but it leaves the infrastructure intact. After a few weeks, the radiation dissipates to nothing, and the commies just walk in and take over.

  6. The Chicoms could nuke every major city in this country right now and the survivors in the rural areas would likely thank them for liberating us all from the monsters in our own Leviathan government.

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