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There May Be Another Reason For Google’s Recent Poor Performance, Customers Are Refusing To Be Censored

There May Be Another Reason For Googles Recent Poor Performance, Customers Are Refusing To Be Censored
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The equity markets in general were down today and one of the reasons was a significant earnings miss by Google’s parent company Alphabet after the close yesterday. The mainstream business outlets are pushing the narrative that Google ad revenue was down significantly due to changes in Youtube’s algorithm to keep those pesky ‘fake news’ videos from appearing in the side bar and being spread all around the internet. Of course in the corrupt media’s eyes, this would ‘help’ Google’s business in the long run.

In light of the confusion after the conference call with analysts as to the causes of the revenue miss, we suggest another phenomenon might be in the works. Perhaps people just aren’t comfortable with using Google anymore. Perhaps this is why their revenue numbers are down.

The collusion with China to develop diabolical surveillance systems, the leaks of emails and videos showing psychotic bias against conservative thought, the hard-to-believe denials in front of Congress from Google executives that they are doing any of this, perhaps this well-documented behavior is turning customers off and perhaps they are looking for alternatives to Google to survive on the internet as they don’t believe they are being treated fairly.

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