• Senate Passes USMCA (NAFTA Revamp) Handing Trump Major Win

    January 16, 2020
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    Senate Passes USMCA (NAFTA Revamp) Handing Trump Major Win
    U.S. Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo speaks with Mexican President Pena Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau

    The U.S. Senate today passes President Trump's NAFT revamp, the USMCA trade deal with Canada and Mexico, providing POTUS with a major win prior to the election.

    The development comes one day after President Trump signed the 'phase one' trade deal with China. The deal with Beijing allegedly begins the process of preventing China's predatory trade practices and contains promises to buy massive amounts of American products, in exchange for some tariff reduction.

    “Today the Senate will send this landmark agreement to the president’s desk...Quite a week of substantive accomplishments for the nation, for the president, and for international trade, " declared a statement issued by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

    The final count was 89 to 10; Democrats, including Cory Booker and Chuck Schumer opposed. Schumer voted against the measure for 'climate change' reasons.



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    […] Senate Passes USMCA (NAFTA Revamp) Handing Trump Major Win […]

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