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    Sam Caucci Of 1Huddle Shades Dem Debates And Their Neglect of Kitchen Table Issues

    January 31, 2020
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    Sam Caucci Of 1Huddle Shades Dem Debates And Their Neglect of Kitchen Table Issues
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    The most frustrating thing about the Democratic debates we have been watching is the lack of focus on small business and the issues that will affect job creators as we try to grow the American economy, says Sam Caucci, founder and CEO of 1Huddle, an innovative workforce training company.  

    "Today more than ever running a business is difficult...we are living in a time where the labor force is seeing the lowest unemployment in a long time, but business owners still have challenges in how they grow their business.

    "Business owners need to deploy their capital better and train their employees better, and Washington needs to help. 

    "Business owners care most about the people that work for them. The percentage of a dollar that goes to the worker at the end of the day is too low.  

    "Democrats are not talking about this at all. Colleges are not properly preparing students today for the job market. Employees don't have the skills to work on day one, which is what CEOs need in our labor market.  

    "We have a lot of candidates saying the answer is free college...the number one issue for business is to make sure employees are ready to go on day one.  

    "This issue is simply being ignored by candidates.

    "We at 1Huddle do job skill training. People don't understand the way jobs are going to be affected by automation. We need to train workers better.

    "You can listen to Sam's recent comments on the issue during an interview on the Steve Gruber Show here.



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