• Bloomberg News Pushes 'China Is Better' Model...Like Good Communists

    March 17, 2020
    Bloomberg News Pushes 'China Is Better' Model...Like Good Communists

    With the original title of 'China's Model Is Looking Better And Better' (before they changed it), Bloomberg News today left no doubt as to which country they support -- as in China over America.

    In a continuing push for Chinese Chicom propaganda, the news outlet owned by the former Democratic candidate for president of the United States, continually leaves no questions as to where they stand with regard to the future (or should I say the end) of the American republic.

    If we now look back on 2008 as the end of America’s unchallenged post-Cold War primacy, we might one day look back on 2020 as the moment when Washington’s global authority truly began to buckle, writes today's Bloomberg Oped. Why would you even publish such garbage?

    Then the financial crisis delivered its three-fold shock. First, it took the luster off the U.S. model — its economic model, primarily — and raised profound questions about the basic competence of American leaders. Second, it lent respectabilityto the thesis that autocratic governments might actually outperform their democratic counterparts in terms of delivering stable growth and managing crises. Third, it turbocharged Chinese geopolitical assertiveness and fueled fears of American decline.

    More recent events are further advancing the narrative. As America struggles to test its citizens and build adequate stockpiles of basic health-care supplies, such as masks, the Chinese government (and prominent Chinese firms) are providing supplies to countries such as Italy and even the U.S. itself.

    These people are not even trying to hide it anymore...they push the Chinese narrative, they push for communism, Chinese control of the world, and the loss of your freedom.

    Why would you ever give them a click?

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    China is the enemy of America. And so is Bloomberg news.


    Shame on this gutless ,midget would-be emperor Bloomberg. He needs a long trip off a very short pier.

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