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    PRESSER VIDEO: Trump Says He's Not Interested In New Trade Talks With China

    May 12, 2020

    U.S. President Donald Trump declared today at a White House press conference that he has no interest in new trade talks China is considering to 'make the deal better for them'. Chinese state-controlled press has been suggesting the new talks.

    The press conference was meant to discuss America's significant progress in Chinese coronavirus testing. Trump shut down the event early after reporters were rude and unprofessional in their dealings with the President.

    The Global Times tabloid reported on Monday that unidentified advisers close to the talks have suggested that Chinese officials revive the possibility of invalidating the trade pact and negotiate a new one to tilt the scales more to the Chinese side, reported Reuters.

    “No, not at all. Not even a little bit...I’m not interested. We signed a deal. I had heard that too, they’d like to reopen the trade talk, to make it a better deal for them," said the President when asked about the development by a reporter.

    “It’s in fact in China’s interests to terminate the current Phase 1 deal,” a trade adviser to the Chinese government told the Global Times, citing the weakening U.S. economy and upcoming U.S. presidential elections. “The U.S. now cannot afford to restart the trade war with China if everything goes back to the starting point," added Reuters.

    It's comments like these that make one wonder how the Chinese coronavirus got released in the first place.



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