Kodak Soars After Government Loan To End China Medical Supply Chain Reliance
Eastman Kodak HQ 1900

In an apparent retaliation over rising rhetoric over the "China Virus" in April, American firms producing medical goods in China were slapped with new export restrictions, stranding much of the supplies in warehouses across the country.

This move highlighted to many just how precarious the US medical supply chain was, and more critically, how dependent on new 'Enemy #1' China the American healthcare system was.

As we detailed previously, according to research and US Congressional hearings, something like 80% of present medicines consumed in the United States are produced in China. This includes Chinese companies and foreign drug companies that have outsourced their drug manufacture in joint ventures with Chinese partners. According to Rosemary Gibson of the Hastings Center bioethics research institute, who authored a book in 2018 on the theme, the dependency is more than alarming...

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