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    Did Twitter Shut Down To Remove Evidence?

    October 16, 2020
    Did Twitter Shut Down To Remove Evidence?

    Yesterday afternoon, immediately after Tucker Carlson announced that his evening show on Fox News would produce more evidence on Biden Crime Family corruption, the prominent social media app Twitter was taken down. It is still down this morning in many areas of the country.

    This comes on the heels of Twitter locking the Trump campaign's accounts after the Biden emails broke, in addition to White House staff.

    Reports are now circulating that Twitter is down as it removes evidence of illegality from its back-end code. If this is true, DOJ needs to get involved now as there are national security concerns regarding big-tech's collaboration with the Chinese Communist Party to defeat Donald Trump in the November 2020 presidential election.

    CDMedia interviewed an industry source who wishes to remain anonymous, who has extensive experience in e-commerce.


    "Take whatever I say with a grain of salt because I dont have an in-depth understanding of Twitter's API. Twitter has a bunch of code in place that violates section 230, such as everything to do with shadowbanning. The Hunter Biden fiasco, coupled with the Project Veritas vid that has a twitter engineer admitting to shadowbanning and openly saying that its morally corrupt, almost certainly prompted the temporary shutdown. The order was given by Jack himself.

    "The third piece of information to all of this is that yesterday, the head of the FCC, Ajit Pai, stated that the FCC alone has jurisdiction of how section 230 is interpreted, and stated that section 230 was being interpreted too loosely for social media platforms even though there were clear violations of it. Shadowbanning is a clear violation, as is arbitrary "fact-checking".

    "The FCC can apparently unilaterally bring the hammer down unto twitter and any other social media company that calls themselves a platform if it can prove flagrant violations of section 230. The Senate subpoena is intended to prove they violated 230.

    "I was not aware of until yesterday that the FCC had this power, I was actually under the impression that all regulations had to come from the senate. They still do, in the form of new laws, but the FCC has absolute power over interpretation of 230."

    Another senior Silicon Valley executive declared, "I would only add that it is very very hard for a large tech site like this to go down. They have layers upon layers of redundancy, spread geographically too. Moreover, should a crash happen, such incidents are often addressed within minutes. An hour-long failure, especially around a highly significant event like this NYPost block, is a guarantee of a cover up. I don't buy the tech glitch story at all."

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    CDM Staff

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    Jack Dorsey is hiding Child Abuse evidence..

    Sir Cumference

    Every DemocRAT that stands up and swears to tell the truth and nothing but the truth is lying their ass off.

    Mike E V

    The fall of these platforms is imminent. Watch the Netflix documentary "Social Dilemma" and you will see why this is happening now. The inventors of all this tech did not see this coming.

    Bad Bart

    Jack Dorsey needs to be thrown from a helicopter.

    the Bruce

    Dorsey is one of those occasional people that you can see evil in their eyes...like Brennan and Panetta.


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