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Don’t Look Now, But Boeing Stock Is Moving

Don't Look Now, But Boeing Stock Is Moving
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Don’t look now, but America’s largest exporter — Boeing — is back. The stock has moved from the 140s in recent weeks, to the 190s on the open tomorrow morning at time of writing, down from its all-time high around 450.

There is a big back story here. As America’s largest exporter, the company has been targeted by the corporate business media, essentially the mouthpiece for the Chinese Communist Party, in order to further weaken the American economy as it dealt with the Chinese coronavirus outbreak which was intentionally spread to the West by Beijing.

Many Wall Street analysts have piled on the company since the two crashes in 2019 which grounded its best-seller, the 737 MAX jet.

Of course, Boeing brought the crisis onto itself, as its leadership back-seated quality in favor of production and profitability, using vital excess cash to buy back stock. It would always go up right?

Now Boeing has made progress clearing its cash burn, cancelled the dividend, and has relied on its defense-sector business to pull it through the crisis.

The corrupt media campaign to delay the vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus has also hurt America’s premier aviation manufacturer. However, even that cloud is starting to lift as miraculously a week after the November election, positive vaccine news has started to flow.

Stocks move on expectations, and with the likely Trump win and inauguration on January 20th of next year, the future for Boeing in a second Trump term looks very bright indeed. Even with all the interference from the Fed, the stock market still has some efficiency left it seems.

Boeing seems to be moving into the ‘performer’ column for 2021.

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