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FAA Releases Boeing 737 MAX Back Into Service…The Delay Until Days After Election Is Curious

FAA Releases Boeing 737 MAX Back Into Service
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The Federal Aviation Administration today re-certified the Boeing 737 MAX for flight, allowing America’s largest export to begin delivery of a large backlog to customers around the world. The aircraft had been grounded for 20 months.

It is interesting the FAA moved right after the 2020 U.S. presidential election which saw massive election fraud and is still contested. The Deep State works in mysterious ways. The same thing happened with vaccine authorization for the Chinese coronavirus, which was released by two major American pharmaceutical companies days after the election in which the media only has claimed for Joe Biden.

America’s adversary, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), has made Boeing a target in the Trump trade wars with China. The certification delay until after the election gives credence to the theory that the FAA is just one more Federal agency compromised by CCP infiltration.

American Airlines is set to be the first U.S. airline to return the aircraft to commercial service at the end of December. United Airlines and Southwest Airlines executives have said they expect the planes to return to their schedules at some point next year, reported CNBC.

Boeing stock is up approximately 5% prior to the open in New York.

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