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    Former Delta Pilot Responds To CEO's Non-Response

    April 2, 2021
    A Former Delta Pilot Voices Disgust At CEO's Actions
    Image by MackenzieKram

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    We posted yesterday an email from a former Delta pilot in response to Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian's controversial comments regarding the Georgia legislature's election reform bill that recently passed and was signed into law by the Governor. The Left melted down over election reform actually becoming law.

    You can read our initial email from the former Delta pilot here.

    CEO Bastian did not respond to the initial email, although he did read it. The former Delta pilot responded below to his 'non-response'.


    Mr. Bastian,

    I am not certain you read my email. You can see it below. It is rather disappointing you chose not to respond. My guess is I was not the only angry customer. 

    Even more disappointingly, you and your fellow CEOs, without fully understanding the new election law, used your political and economic power to slander the state that has been the home of Delta for many years. The unintended consequence is the loss of the MLB All Star game. 

    The very people you claim to be supporting are among the most impacted by the loss of the game. Lower wage Georgians, many of whom are black, will not be paid for the work they would have undertaken as ushers, concessions, parking attendants , security, grounds maintenance,  cleaning and other employees directly working at the game. In addition, all the ancillary businesses at The Battery will impacted.  Given the loss of business last season, they were looking forward to an event that would have helped recoup some of those losses. 

    Great job!  You are an embarrassment to the Atlanta business community and deserve the full financial impact as business people and vacationers boycott Delta.  Since many of those travelers pass through Atlanta, we will be further impacted in Georgia.  

    Read the damned bill!  Most Georgians, including minorities support it. It makes our elections secure. It will help us avoid being the laughingstock of America. 

    If you have an explanation, I am open to a meeting, Zoom call, email exchange or phone call. I am waiting. 

    A former Delta PIlot

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    These CEOs, celebrities and athletes jumping on the bandwagon to scold Georgia are showing how hypocritical they all are! These are the same people that have no problem outsourcing manufacturing jobs, doing business with and basically remaining silent on the Great Killing Machine in human history, which is the Communist Regime of China! Their record of human rights abuses is beyond reprehensible, yet not a single one of these people have ever gone on the record to denounce this regime! So please MLB, Delta and all the other miscreants and malcontents, spare us your righteous indignation, you all are silent on current atrocities in China and Hong Kong!


    Without reading the bill or asking questions about the election bill from Georgia, Delta, The NBL and other corporations made a discussion to boycott Georgia and pull their work just infuriated Georgians.
    The problem is there are no real leaders-these CEO's are wimps for not standing up to the woke culture morons. These CEO's buckled!
    They know nothing of the real world. The trickle down affect hurts more people than noted, mostly minorities!

    I consider all of these people COMMUNISTS! ANTI-AMERICANS !

    The bill-read it u idiots before opening your mouths.


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