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    UPDATE: FrankSpeech.com Online!

    April 19, 2021
    Mike Lindell's New Social Media Platform Taken Down On First Day...FrankSpeech.com...State Level Attack Assets Involved?

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    UDATE 0955 EST - FrankSpeech.com online! Lindell says he will just livestream now as social media app being attacked. Livestream for 48 hours disseminating information.


    Billionaire entrepreneur Mike Lindell has publicly made no bones about taking on the globalist Deep State with his new social media platfor - FrankSpeech.com. The social network is billed to be a combination of a Twitter and Youtube experience, allowing free speech and influencers to broadcast and earn money without fear of retribution.

    This is obviously a threat to the globalist takeover of the West, and the world for that matter, so the platform was sure to be massively attacked.

    This seems to have happened as the platform is down at the 9am launch time this morning.

    With this much attention to the launch, one wonders if state-level Deep State assets are behind the attack, as during the massive election fraud during the 2020 general election.

    CDMedia will report on Frank's progress in the near term as it will revolutionize social media and 'de-platform' the power of Silicon Valley, if allowed to exist.

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Fooking tech censors still disabling the website!


    Are there any specific indicators that state-level actors are operating or is this speculation? It wouldn't surprise me, but there are a lot of groups who stand to lose from a high caliber platform. (My impression of parler is that it is a mediocre twitter clone, at best. I don't know what FrankSpeech looks like yet.)

    Oh Pillow Man...you are a train wreck

    It has become a sad bit of obsession that I continue to go there just to see what a shit show Pillow Man is putting out there. Friggin’ hilarious. Kinda like this here “media”

    john wilson

    I would not be surprised if the FBI did it, nothing surprises me with vile Democrats.


    Yo pillow Man.....Yeah right he's got bigger balls than you and at least he's trying to get to the Truth while limp Dick people like you bash him...Liberals They are the real Train Wreck


    Who has the most to gain from this?
    Twitter, Facebook.....

    Paul Revere

    No .onion address? That one surprises me with gab too.

    There are not a lot of websites/groups for staying safe in today's world aimed at older adults, so here's what I've learned perhaps it will help you too.

    Do yourself a favor going forward, get an encrypted email (proton and tutanota are the easiest to learn from without maintaining your own keys and they offer free accounts) and get your friends and family on board. They are very similar to gmail, yahoo, etc., accept you don't provide personal information.

    Be sure your password isn't easy to guess.

    Also, get a password keeper, no one should be scribbling on paper or using the same password for everything you're just asking for trouble. 1password, last pass, and a few others are good network based and easily to back up to the cloud, but if you want real security consider using a free and open sourced application such as Keepass and being in control of your own password database.

    Keepass will allow you to create long and hard to guess passwords that you don't have to remember, all you have to remember is the password for unencrypting the vault. Make sure you know it well and it's either a string of words with spaces in between or letters, numbers, and special characters -- consider writing this down if you can't remember it and sticking it in your gun safe.

    Ditch text messaging and use signal at the very least, anyone not willing to make the switch isn't worth talking to other than in person. Signal makes encrypted communication possible for the largest amount of people without technical know-how. Text, picture, voice, video, and even group messaging is possible from this free application. There is no advertising as Signal only accepts donations.

    Stop using google chrome, Firefox, safari and internet explorer they're not safe, instead use duckduckgo or learn to use tor and know its limitations.

    Firefox has made a lot of compromises in recent years, you can still modify the browser. For people who are not tech savvy but want an internet experience that keeps advertising trackers away duckduckgo's app is a good alternative. Also use Tor because it permits you to get around censors and be free, be sure to read and understand its limitations at torproject (dot) org before installing.

    Get a VPN, if its servers are located in the US or another 5 eyes nation read and understand their privacy policy and what they will turn over if the government comes knocking. VPNs that collect no data exist you just have to look, Mullvad is a good option and has plenty of payment options, they collect no personal information at account setup and let you test run their VPN. You can find them at mullvad (dot) net.

    If you use a smartphone and don't take a lot of selfies or do video chats consider taking a small piece of electrical tape and covering up your front camera, the electrical tape is easy to remove and won't leave a permanent residue.

    I understand this is a lot but just as you wouldn't drive without a seatbelt, have unprotected sex, or take drugs without knowing their longterm effects you shouldn't assume your safe on the internet and always assume the government is actively surveiling you, because they are. Snowden now lives in permanent exile for alerting the world to this and you better believe that post Jan 6, the government will stop at nothing to keep you under their thumb.



    The Feds will show up in AZ with 10,000 troops or SWAT. team in full combat dress with weapon vehicles to look absolutely frightening and seize the ballots and machines.

    Anthony Ravlich

    Ethical human rights will enable the individual, State and world to achieve Greatness.


    Mike Lindell is the epitome of “There’s
    no stopping a man who knows he’s right and keeps on coming”.

    He’s gonna keep on coming until he gets to the bottom of this 2020 election fraud and sweeps
    the dirt out the door.

    You have my utmost respect, Mike!




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