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    Apple Will Scan All U.S. iPhones For Illegal Child Abuse Imagery...It's Time For A Privacy Phone Option Besides Apple

    August 6, 2021
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    Apple plans to scan all iPhone in the U.S. for potential child abuse imagery.

    The move announced Thursday generated shock waves among security experts who say it could allow the company to surveil many millions of phones for reasons unrelated to images of child abuse.

    "This sort of tool can be a boon for finding child pornography in people's phones. But image what it could do in the hands of an authoritarian government," tweeted Johns Hopkins professor and cryptographer Matthew Green...

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    Indeed, and more then tha,t this is a company now renouncing to his most star, namely the privacy of its human beings customers. This proves that this company is not connected anymore to the reality and to the rights of individual humans, in other words, that it suffers of disconnection from humans and reality, it suffers of a mental conceptual bubble that disconnects its board from the world. This is the explanation for their disengagement in inquiry and in conversations and in curiousity . Only the monolog and their uni-concepts are of interest for them, like a mono-focus. And such, this company will be leaved behind as of no good and as a dangereuse one. Beginning from that 100 CEOs video-conference.

    Almost all the large corporations love the businesses with governments,, as if they do not love anymore the feeling of being independent.


    Apple can start with Hunter Biden's laptop.


    On its face, this sounds good. But if Apple is anything like Facebook or Twitter, we're all doomed if you take photos of your kids at all...or any people, for that matter.

    And if they have an "oversight committee" that is anything like FB's or Twitter's, you're doomed if you take photos of anything.


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