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    Americans More Likely To Support Businesses That Don't Enforce Employee Vaccination Mandate

    August 25, 2021
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    Image by Felton Davis

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    More Americans are likely to do business with companies that do not mandate employee vaccines, than those that require the shots, according to a new poll.

    Among Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, over 20% of each group had no opinion when it came to the vaccine policy of a company, according to the polls by Convention of States Action and the Trafalgar Group. Across the board, 65% of those polled had already been fully or partially vaccinated, and an additional 10% had already had COVID-19.

    The key takeaway, however, is that 42.7% of American voters are more likely to support businesses that do not require mandates, compared to 34.3% who say they are less likely to support them...

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    Wayne G

    The democrats' scheme ended up being a major backfire with millions of vaxx-free passport-free eateries and shops enjoying free advertising and a massive uptick to their small businesses while the pouting vax-tyrant competitors look on sullenly. NYC is one example where all sides have come together to reject the de Blasio (nee Warren Wilhem Jr) sick and self-serving demands upon the citizenry and small biz particularly against black-owned businesses which he targets and discriminates against despite his having a (thieving) black wife and half-black kids, one kid who is a known and chronically-detoxed druggie.


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