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    CVS Goes Full Commie - Added To 'Control List'

    September 25, 2021
    CVS Goes Full Commie - Added To 'Control List'
    Image by Mike Mozart

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    CVS has been added to the Left side of the 'Freedom or Control List'.

    Pharmacy chain CVS is reportedly forcing employees to undergo mandatory “critical race theory” training, the latest corporation to adopt the arcane academic theory as required training for workers.

    The company last year launched a “mandatory ‘antiracist’ training program for hourly employees to deconstruct their ‘privilege’,” according to documents obtained by journalist Christopher Rufo

    Rufo, who has exposed numerous corporate critical race theory initiatives in recent months, said the company’s “extensive race reeducation program” is “built on the core tenets of critical race theory, including ‘intersectionality,’ ‘white privilege,’ and ‘unconscious bias’...”

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    Absurd fake racism is all about being anti white, anti American and anti free .

    Paul Leffler

    Just cancelled my prescriptions with them. Hope others do the same

    Remo Williams

    Switched over to Wallgreens - I'm not going to support this crap


    taking my white privileged money to another drug store.


    They need us as customers more than we need them. Whites are about 50% of the population in the USA. Never a good idea to attack that many customers

    Harold B

    An underhanded scheme by CVS Caremark to also attack and segregate those with interracial families as well as individuals.


    CVS ...... always thought of you as a secular business. This immersion is commie/fascism/utter BS is about a hundred miles past my line in the sand.

    Bye, bye CVS.

    KS Man

    Be aware that CVS and Aetna insurance merged about 2017 or 2018. Many companies who have their employees covered by Aetna health insurance have CVS as the pharmacy to use under that coverage. The Justice Dept should never have allowed that merger. Vertical integration of an industry. If you have Aetna you might let them know what you think about the actions of CVS.


    I note that in my neck of the woods.. the CVS is closed and out of business.


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