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    Duluth Trading Won't Tell You If Their Products Are Made In China, Or If They Are Owned By China

    November 11, 2021
    Image by Tony Webster

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    UPDATE 11/13 1430 EST -From Duluth Trading 2020 Annual Report...

    "In fiscal 2019, 54% of our purchases came from our largest supplier, an agent partner in Hong Kong who manages multiple factories across Asia, including Cambodia, China, Indonesia and Vietnam."

    Since being added to our 'Freedom or Control List' earlier in the year, due to reports of large Trump donations by executives, we received multiple reports of Duluth's products being made in China, and even China buying the company in some form.

    To find out the truth on this issue, we made multiple calls to Duluth Trading's customer service and management headquarters to get an answer.

    They would not answer the question. In fact, one headquarters person we got on the phone was rude and told us to go find the information on LinkedIn or Google.

    Therefore, we have removed Duluth trading from the 'Freedom' side of the list to the 'Control' side. It is obvious they don't want to answer the question, which leaves us no choice but to not recommend to our readers.

    It's a shame, their ads are great.

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    I really appreciate stories like this. Thanks.

    G O

    Who wrote this article?


    They won't talk because their entire schtick is down-home, Middle America. The accents of the working man...the folksy sense of humor used in the commercials...they CAN'T admit to their audience that they support or are owned by the ChiComs. Thanks for the update though...I'm sure done buying from Duluth.

    A. Friend

    After a series of owners including Fiskars and Gemplers, Duluth Trading Company went public on NASDAQ under its parent company, Duluth Holdings. About 60% of shares are held by institutions and insiders. More at https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/DLTH/holders?p=DLTH

    The company has a selection of USA-made products - including socks, boots, personal care items, metal tool boxes, even a bison skull - but most clothing items I looked at on their website are described as "Imported." That's been the way of the mass-market clothing world for decades. I don't see evidence of DTC being owned by or supporting ChiComs, but there's plenty of evidence of them building a brand to compete with the likes of LL Bean, Carhartt, and Eddie Bauer - all of which also have both USA-made and foreign-made clothing products.

    And no, I don't work for Duluth Trading or Duluth Holding, hold any stock in the company, or work for a company that holds Duluth Holdings stock. I've never bought a product from Duluth Trading. I ran across this post in surfing, got to wondering about Duluth Trading, and did a little research.


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