• Republicans Launch Counteroffensive Against Latest Woke Corporate Push: ESG Investing

    May 30, 2022
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    From Congress to the statehouse, Republicans are fighting a growing movement to force investments into funds that make decisions based on environmental, social, governance, or political criteria.

    The Environmental Social Governance (ESG) movement has prompted the Securities and  Exchange Commission to propose a rule requiring companies to report emissions and other climate risk data, while public pension funds like the Thrift Savings Plan are discussing using ESG metrics to govern investment decisions.   The GOP pushback has intensified in recent days...

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    Jersey Prophet

    I have a better idea: the GOP publish a database of all woke companies and funds that invest in them so investors can studiously AVOID investing in them.

    When their share prices go in the toilet, they will re-think they are stupid Environmental Social Governance (ESG) policies in a Manhattan minute!

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