• Breitbart Long Ago Went To The Establishment Dark Side

    November 25, 2022

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    There are very few places where you can find news that supports the 'America First' agenda.

    Breitbart is not one of those.

    The brainchild of the original architect of alternative media Andrew Breitbart, Breitbart News long ago went to the dark side after the founder's untimely and suspicious death.

    Breitbart proved its allegiance to the Establishment Evil Empire even more today with the above headline.

    Breitbart is going after former President Trump and supporting the elite cabal's efforts to prevent a return of 45.

    They fear 45. The cabal fears no one else.

    The news outlet has been promoting Judas Mike Pence in his 'campaign' for president, which is laughable. The only way he could win a GOP primary is with the machines.

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    CDM Staff

    The mission at Creative Destruction Media is to be the catalyst for the "process of industrial mutation that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one."
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    Andrew Breitbart is rolling in his grave at what they have done to his legacy

    Ginger Li

    Not only has BB turned on Trump, but it has been promoting the disgustingly plastic RINO fascist Pence. Their rehab attempt isn't going very well according to the comments. He may be a favorite son of the GOPe, but when it comes to rank and file republican votes, Pence is just another Bush.


    Chinese money talks.


    Breitbart now censors the phrase "13%."


    i would not advise being overconfident with regards to the future of Judas Goat Mike Pence.

    I would remind the traditional conservative, America First, pro-MAGA base of how the GOP establishment decided to foist a guy who was the most viscerally hated and despised cockroach in the entire Republican Party at the time, John McAmnesty McCain, on the top of the ticket in 2008, where he proceeded to lose to Obama. I have hated John McCain with an intense passion from the first moment that slab of human filth first entered politics, and as I said - the traditional conservative, America First pro-MAGA base of the GOP despised this treasonous, globalist, war mongering, open borders promoting slab of human scum almost as intensely as I did.

    Yet the GOP Establishment still foisted this creep on the base of their own party, knowing that large percentages of their voters would refuse to vote for him, and either sit out the election, or vote for the best 3rd party candidate.

    Jerry Mander

    Breitbart lost me several years ago when they banned me from commenting because I used words, no cuss words, but words they just didn't like when talking about the Vaxx and the Covid scam. It was too much truth for them. BB used to be Right but now they're Left. Since they lost much of their ad revenue along with their audience, that income must be coming in from somewhere. Don't Yuan at this (cough cough).


    OAN did that to me too.

    Red Patriot

    The owner of fakefart hates trump. Has before Trump announced. Fakefart did not do one story about the Arizona audit when it was going on.

    Bob Z

    Pence: "Prayerful".hahahaha says Judas.

    Sht Rock

    Exactly. They were anti-Trump before it was what the cool kids were


    Sorry dudes, not seeing it. Are you trying to steer traffic to your site??

    99% of the comments on BB are America First....you want to talk, what about "The sHill" former America First site that is now 90% LEFT WING LIBTARDS.


    Of course we are. Because we are a real populist news site. Breitbart is not.

    moderate me

    then you’re BLIND…
    Find one article from breitbart that even hints that the 2020 election was stolen or even had issues.. I’ll wait..

    Non Yas

    You are willfully blind, or a gov troll.


    Do you actually READ? Or do you just look at the pictures?

    Jerry Mander

    You're blowing smoke out your.... I'll put it this way, you're using your excrement port as a chimney.


    Pence shouldn't waste the time or money.


    Pence won't waste time or money. He doesn't have to because the primary election theft ran by the permanent D.C. gang will assure his impossible victory. If we don't accept it, we'll be labeled election denier racist and a threat to "Demockracy."

    The sad thing is, we'll do nothing about it. MAGA supporters lost their stones because what happen to J6 patriots. The truth is the truth.

    Bob Z

    Maybe Jan 6 was designed to destroy MAGA and the MAGA "influencers" were i on it, maybe from the very top.

    Colt Baldwin

    Breitbart is greasy. They have a tendency to subtly promoting RINOs and other traitors. Their moderators (censors) are extreme. You can't even post the phrase "black kids". They go more libtard every day.

    Bob Z

    Funded by billionaires? How can they be America First? No billionaire is.


    The booted me off for an innocuous comment. I shrugged my shoulders, haven't been back, and haven't missed 'em.


    I quit reading Breitbart 3 years ago.
    Andrew may be the # 1 reason we are in this fight.
    And God Bless him for that.

    Nonya Ziom

    Me too. We all need to spread the word that Breitbart is in the globalists pocket and as bad as Fox, Nypost, WSJ, and Drudge. Screwthem!


    With Andrew’s former coffee boy, Alex Marlow at the helm, the Breitbart brand is swirling the toilet. Far from running “toward the fire”, Marlow can’t run fast enough from the fire. A pathetic, millennial milquetoast, too full of his own hubris to realize it.

    Dustin Faulkner



    Exactly!! Marlow is a toad. Can't answer any callers question or doesn't have a factual counter.


    I haven't read Breitbart for a very long time now. I noticed they went progressive RINO quite a while back, so I dumped them. If they are backing pence they're backing the wrong horse, but to be expected from progressive traitors.

    I will N E V E R vote or support that freaky speed racer looking doofus pence. NEVER.

    Jeri Thompson

    Maybe the Pence will realize he doesn't have a prayer to win.


    Trump inviting the ant-Semite Nick Fuentes to Mar-a-lago would not only be a big deal, but also a deal breaker on his 2024 run.

    As it turns out, the meeting was supposed to be Trump and Kanye ONLY. Trump had no idea Kanye was bringing anyone else.
    Breitbart has since added an update.

    Current Breitbart headline:

    Trump Dined at Mar-a-Lago with White Nationalist, Holocaust Denier Nick Fuentes Alongside Kanye West;
    UPDATE – Trump Responds, ‘Had Never Met and Knew Nothing About’ Fuentes

    After the publication of this article, Trump’s campaign provided Breitbart News with this statement from President Trump: “Kanye West very much wanted to visit Mar-a-Lago. Our dinner meeting was intended to be Kanye and me only, but he arrived with a guest whom I had never met and knew nothing about.”

    the chopper

    Pence couldn't hold Don Trump's golf bag.


    Pence couldn't even wash Trump's balls. Golf balls, golf balls!


    Neatly and deftly done. ;-]


    Andrew Breitbart was a great man imho. The amateurs “running” what has become a leftist joke, but no one is laughing/Aka/snl This site will be gone when true conservative-MAGA voters have had enough! So long RINOS. Seriously..


    No sense Mike Pence once proved to be a poor excuse for a Vice President and hasn't done any good since. The fact that brokebart chose a "nobody" to support shows that they have fallen "so low that they have to look up to see down".


    No surprises here. Drudge Report did the same and are history. Breitbart has also gone from my bookmarks. A gradual infiltration by Saul Alinsky types is expected—these ilk never give up. We have to keep alert, and I plan to stay educated, and keep rotating to good sites. Now Liberty Daily and Dan Bongino are my main go-to sites. But I am prepared to switch again if needs be. Looking hard at CDM now!


    Trump jumped the shark many times. The latest JTS moment was his Ron DeSantimonious remark. It's time to move on from Trump. He can't win. No Rep can win cause the system is rigged in states like AZ and PA but someone like DeSantis gives us a fighting chance. I would support DeSantis. I will NOT support any f^^king RINOs like Chris Christie. That fat slob gets the nomination I will literally write in Herman Munster


    Sadly , YOUR attitude is the same as any other R.I.N.O. It's such thinking that divides the Republican party and literally HANDS the power over to the insane people. The Liberal Democrats. Being PART of the problem never solves the problem. You should rethink your strategy and mindset for the good of "We, The People". Or are you already one of the R.I.N.O.'s or worse? It seems to me that you listen to the other sides propaganda too much and 'fall' for it.


    Blah blah blah...we know...RINOs agree--everyone on Earth hates Trump. Meanwhile there are 10,000 people at each of Trump's rallies.

    Roselyn i Fredericks

    You should try American Thinker and what about Gateway Pundit?

    Bob Schoenle

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    Mad Celt

    Just because everyone does not bow, scrape and slobber over Trump does not exclude them from the conservative movement. Trump is egoistical, big mouthed and petty. He does not understand politics or the operation of a constitutional republic. He is a poor judge of character and it reflects in the people he claims has 'betrayed' him. America should always come first but Trump is not the standard bearer you need.

    Michael Shaw

    Trouble is that they are also silent on many other issues such as voter fraud.


    "America should always come first but Trump is not the standard bearer you need."? "...'you'...need"? Not "...'we'...need"? "Beware of false prophets" is a universal good piece of advice folks....

    Michael Shaw

    John Nolte sometimes has good comments on the entertainment industry, but that's about it. RINO in populist clothing is the worst.

    Don't Believe Media

    What a dispicable website Breitbart is! Lying and twisting the truth for their globalist masters, while pretending to lean conservative. None of us are fooled anymore. Another company turning on the country that made them successful. Pence and BB deserve each other.

    fat boyz

    Everyone who got jabbed bought into this and will buy into what's coming including Trump who is responsible for selling us this 'safe and effective' deadly poison.

    Big Crow

    Breitbart routinely silences commentary they don't want, they're the problem.


    Yes, yes they are. I got banned years ago for saying that the things that 'are' happening now were going to happen. Lots of others did too. That is, they said what I did and got banned for it. Greed is the driving force in most of these cases.


    This article is 100% on point. BB is controlled opposition. Hacks like Marlow, Nolte, Boyle and Hudson are babbling, stuttering clowns and frauds. I've listened to more than a few callers try to talk about election fraud with these above buffoons and all they do is blame Trump voters and Trump. And I in turn change the XM channel.

    Let's not forget to mention the love affair Marlow (He is married to a doctor you know) and Nolte have with the clot shot.

    They 100% on board with Pence. There is even a rumor that that rino pos has a stake in BB.

    I left BB when Bannon was ousted and will never go back.

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