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    Legacy Media Collapse - Disney To Possibly Sell ABC

    July 13, 2023
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    Nobody Wants The Lies Anymore

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    Disney, the entertainment conglomerate that owns Disney properties, as well as multiple cable and streaming channels, may put ABC news on the chopping block.

    Legacy media has been hit hard by loss of audience as viewers are tired of the lies and propaganda.

    CEO Bob Iger tried to blame the losses on structural issues, and said conservative claims of 'child grooming' by Disney were false.

    However, the boycott of Disney properties speaks louder than words.

    “After coming back, I realized the company is facing a lot of challenges, some of them self-inflicted,” Iger told David Faber at Allen & Co.’s annual conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, noting he’s accomplished a lot of work in seven months but there’s more to be done, reported CNBC.

    Iger said when he had left the company he had predicted the future of traditional TV and had been “very pessimistic,” and has found since his return that he was right in his thinking, adding it’s worse than he expected. 

    “We are a preeminent entertainer in the world, and we’re proud of our track record there. The notion that Disney is in any way sexualizing children, quite frankly, is preposterous and inaccurate,” he added.

    ABC is now seen as a propaganda mouthpiece for the globalist agenda.

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    I would LOVE to see happen to the MSM what happened to USA enterprise IT via the MANIPULATED dot com bust. I hope the foreign vultures swoop in pick CLEAN the commutarded carcass of the US MSM, as a great "legacy" to the CIA and op mockingbird!
    They deserve it.


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