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    The Old Gray Lady Becomes A Partisan Combatant

    October 22, 2023
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    Hamas is mostly peaceful according to the New York Times. Shocking, didn’t see this one happening

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    After some initial fair and balanced reporting on the murderous Hamas assault into Israel, the New York Times can’t figure out whether Hamas is a terrorist organization, or misunderstood community organizers.

    Typical and predictable evolution as New York Times now coordinates their news filtering with NewsGuard

    Pathetic, but predictable with one of the four corners of deceit of the Deep State.

    They act like Obama, who always talked about the corruption in the third person when they are the real culpable party.

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    John Mills

    Col. (Ret.) John Mills is a national security professional with service in five eras: Cold War, Peace Dividend, War on Terror, World in Chaos, and now—Great Power Competition. He is the former director of cybersecurity policy, strategy, and international affairs at the Department of Defense. ColonelRETJohn at GETTR and GAB and Daily Missive at Telegram.
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