• Histria Books Under Attack By Tech Giant PayPal For Free Speech Stance

    November 25, 2023

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    During the busiest shopping weekend of the year, tech giant PayPal launched an assault on Histria Books, one of the country’s premier independent publishing houses dedicated to free speech. On the morning of Black Friday, the tech giant unilaterally suspended the publisher’s account making it impossible for them to process payments on their website histriabooks.com inconveniencing hundreds of holiday shoppers. 

    The manager of Histria Books, Dana Ungureanu, told CDM, “PayPal is currently causing an issue with payments on the Histria Books website because of our stance on defending free speech. We have had an active account in good standing with PayPal for 6 years. Now, suddenly, on the morning of Black Friday, the busiest shopping weekend of the year, PayPal sent us a notice that our account is suspended and that we could no longer accept payments until they complete a “review” of our company.”

    Histria Books is the target of frequent attacks because it publishes controversial books that the ruling elites would prefer to suppress, such as L Todd Wood’s recent book Paying the Price: The Untold Story of the Iranian Resistance, S.P. Grogan’s novel Crimson Scimitar: Attack on America 2001-2027 Including the Official Proceedings of the Capture and Trial of Osama bin Laden, and many others.

    Histria Books has been engaged in discussions recently about acquiring some high-profile books that will be very unwelcome by the establishment and it seems clear that this may have played a factor in PayPal’s unjustifiable move,” Ungureanu continued. “Vindicta Publishing, our joint venture with CDM, dedicated to important books on politics, history, and international affairs may also have motivated the attack by the tech giant.”

    If you support free speech and independent publishing, please visit histriabooks.com and help fight the big tech monopolies and keep freedom alive. After intense discussions with PayPal, service has been restored. Histria Books has confirmed that it is in the process of looking for a new payment processor that will not engage in politically motivated attacks on its business.

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    Why can't everyone just ignore paypal? I've NEVER used it, and I've been using online purchasing since late 1995. In Win3.XX no less...no problems ever.


    Cancelled my account about a year ago.

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