• NYT AI case Vs OpenAI, Microsoft Could Be 'Watershed Moment'

    December 28, 2023

    The New York Times filed a lawsuit against ChatGPT developer OpenAI and Microsoft claiming they unlawfully used its content to train AI bots, thereby threatening its journalistic work.

    NYT AI case Vs OpenAI, Microsoft Could Be 'Watershed Moment'
    Image by Jernej Furman

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    Another copyright infringement lawsuit hits the artificial intelligence (AI) industry - this time, however, it has been filed by legacy media outlet New York Times (NYT) against ChatGPT creator OpenAI. 

    On Dec. 27, the NYT filed the lawsuit, alleging that OpenAI has unlawfully used its content to train its AI chatbots, thereby hindering the NYT from doing its work.

    The lawsuit pulls from both the United States Constitution and the Copyright Act to defend the original journalism of the NYT. It also points to Microsoft’s Bing AI, alleging that it creates verbatim excerpts from its content...

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