• Gab Outlines Christian Development Of AI

    January 9, 2024
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    Social media company Gab's CEO Andrew Torba outlined his vision of a 'Christian' version of artificial intelligence, and how that development would lead the world in another direction from the Satanic versions now being pushed.

    You can read his email below:

    As Gab continues AI development, I’ve been contemplating its philosophical, theological, and metaphysical implications of this new technology. This past year, I’ve looked beyond the media’s sensationalism, understanding AI as a mere tool, much like any other technology.

    Claims of AI being sentient or potentially becoming so are exaggerated, at worst laughable, and at best, malicious. AI isn’t a “demon” as some Christians allege, nor will it be a “god” as technocrats dream. Such assertions are akin to deeming calculators or smartphones sentient. Without human interaction, a smartphone is just inert glass on a table, and AI is merely dormant code on a server.

    The term ‘artificial intelligence’ is misleading. Large Language Models (LLMs), the core technology behind AI, possess no inherent intelligence. They are simply binary code executing programmed tasks.

    A more accurate description of this technology is ‘Augmented Intelligence’.

    AI serves to boost human intellect. Picture AI quietly aiding your daily tasks. It can rapidly collate data for a report you don’t have time to research, or assist with complex calculations in a project, offering insights and predictions beyond your solo capabilities. It can very quickly help you access information like a search engine on steroids.

    Many believe, and rightfully so, that this technology will make search engines like Google obsolete. We are at the ground floor of building the next Google with this technology, that’s what is at stake. Do you want Google to become the next Google or do you want Christian leaders to build the next Google?

    The technocratic vampires in Silicon Valley want to keep this technology all to themselves and weaponize it to force their ideology down the throats of untold billions of people. They did the same thing with search engines and social networks. We can’t allow them to do it with AI.

    Their vision, and what they are striving to build, is a digital false god–or as they call it AGI (Artificial General Intelligence.) They want to use the AGI false god to indoctrinate you into their worldview. That’s not our goal here at Gab. We are building augmented intelligence tools to serve you and help augment, not replace, your God-given intelligence.

    Augmented intelligence will revolutionize our work and life, enhancing our skills and enabling achievements beyond our current scope. Collaborating with AI, an extension of our intellect, we can attain higher productivity and creativity.

    Christians needn’t fear AI any more than they would a graphing calculator or smartphone. These tools augment our intelligence, aiding us in working more effectively and gloriously for God. AI can and will do the same.

    Many remain skeptical about AI, a skepticism fueled largely by media and cultural portrayals. Similar doubts accompanied historical technological advancements like the automobile and other technologies that today we take for granted and think nothing of.

    Skepticism is natural, but we can’t deny AI’s presence and its impending impact on our lives. I invite you to join us on this journey, not to replace, but to enhance our God-given intelligence, empowering us to build, work, and grow for God’s glory.

    Andrew Torba
    CEO, Gab AI Inc
    Jesus Christ is King

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    All "AI" is heretical (and a farce to distract and extract money from the gullible and lazy). God made man in His own image. For man to make something in it's own image(outside of childbirth) is Hubris and a damnably prideful action. They think they are like God that they could create consciousness(it's already been done, no need to do it again). They only create programmed stimulus/response systems. A tool. It is Not a free willed, conscious, individual identity.

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