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    Google's Bud Light Moment

    February 26, 2024
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    Gab CEO Andrew Torba is taking a victory lap over the apparent 'Bud Light Moment' for the venerable search engine -- Google.

    Torba has proposed that the Google Gemini AI fiasco, where the AI engine would not show an image of a white person, even going as far as showing farcical images of historical figures who were obviously white as black, will mark the beginning of the end of Google as a viable business.

    You can read Torba's missive on the subject below:

    As the CEO of Gab I’ve been in the fight to expose the bias and censorship of Big Tech companies for nearly 8 years now. Every few months over the course of those eight years there has been one story or another about Big Tech’s bias and their censorship of people on the right.

    Not once have they ever backed down after the right complained, in fact if anything they’ve always doubled down. For the first time ever with widespread backlash over their anti-White image AI: Google is scared–and they should be. This is tech’s Bud Light moment and they desperately want it to stop.

    1. The head of their AI project was on Fox News begging for forgiveness.

    2. He then had to make his X account private after his own posts were exposed.

    3. Google had to shut down their Image AI in the middle of the most competitive tech land grab for AI.

    We need to continue pushing this story for the next several weeks or even months. Force them to shut down Gemini completely to stop us. This story can’t just be last week’s news cycle, we need to keep up the momentum into next week and beyond.

    Google’s text-based AI is even worse than the image one. It’s littered with Communist/Marxist/ anti-White bias. I’ve posted a giant thread of examples on my timeline and will continue to surface things as I discover them. I encourage you all to do the same thing.

    As someone who is building Gab AI, an uncensored and unbiased AI platform, I can tell you that Google can easily fix these issues in a matter of minutes. I explained how and why Google’s AI is behaving this way in a recent viral post that you can read here. For them to fix this all they would need to do is stop injecting their ideology into the AI’s prompts. But they won’t do this. They can’t help themselves when it comes to forcing their twisted ideology on billions of users from around the world. They’d rather shut the product down, which is exactly what they just did.

    Google executive just told Elon Musk that it would take them "months" to fix Gemini. This is a lie. It could take them minutes if they wanted to do it. They are hoping you forget about this in a few months. To prove how easy it is for Google to fix Gemini's diversity prompt injection into your prompts and to show you how easy it is to replicate, I made a Woke Gemini image character on Gab AI. You can try it out yourself for free here

    If you are subscribed to Gab AI Plus you can create your own custom image AI character and have it inject whatever you want into every prompt as well. It's crucial that we understand how this technology works so that when Big Tech companies get caught lying about it red handed we can call them out on it. 

    As we continue to expose Google’s anti-White and anti-right wing biases, it is essential to remember that this is not just a fight for the right, but a fight for free speech and equal representation across all platforms. The consequences of allowing these tech giants to continue their censorship and suppression of right wing voices and information will have far-reaching effects. The fight for unbiased and uncensored AI is a battle for the integrity of our society. We must continue to push for transparency, accountability, and fairness in the development and implementation of AI systems. 

    People keep asking Gab to build our own search engine. I don’t think folks understand yet: AI is the new search engine. Why on earth would I use Google to find something and get presented with a million blue links and ads when I can just ask Gab AI and get an instant answer? Once we hook up Gab AI to the internet (soon) and it can access real time data it’s so over for Google. This is also why it’s important that we continue to discredit their extremely ideological anti-White AI. We can’t allow these wicked people to control the flow of information online anymore because they have proven time and time again that they cannot be trusted.

    By sharing our stories and experiences, we can help to raise awareness of the issues at hand and inspire others to join the fight against censorship and suppression. So let’s keep up the pressure and ensure that this story becomes Google's Bud Light moment.

    Andrew Torba
    CEO, Gab AI Inc.
    Jesus is King

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