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    Australian Government Threatens Gab With $500,000 Fine For Refusing To Censor Video

    May 10, 2024
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    Australian Government Threatens Gab With $500,000 Fine For Refusing To Censor Video

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    The Australian government is threatening to fine free speech social media network Gab with a $500,000 fine for not censoring a video of a Christian priest being stabbed.

    You can read the response from Gab CEO Andrew Torba below:

    This morning Gab received a notice from the Australian government threatening us with a fine of $500,000 for refusing to censor a video of the tragic attack at the Assyrian Christ The Good Shepherd Church in western Sydney. The video was posted by a Gab user and followed with a heartfelt message from Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, who was wounded in the attack. It’s worth mentioning that Meta and X, upon receiving similar requests from the Australian government, promptly complied by removing and censoring the video, while Gab alone remained steadfast in our opposition to censorship of the video.

    As a platform committed to free speech principles, Gab refused to comply with the censorship demands of the Australian government. We believe that the right to free speech is fundamental and are determined to stand up against any attempts to suppress it. If you would like to support us in our efforts to combat this attack on free speech from the Australian government you can make a donation here or upgrade to GabPRO here. Dealing with foreign government censorship demands takes up our precious time and resources, but it is worth it.

    The footage of the attack at the Assyrian Christ The Good Shepherd Church that the Australian government wants us to remove is undeniably distressing to watch, as it captures the sheer brutality and senselessness of the violence that unfolded. While it may be challenging for some viewers to bear witness to such a tragic event, it is crucial to recognize that this video serves a vital purpose in informing the public about the reality of this horrific incident. Furthermore, the video’s inclusion of a heartfelt testimony from Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, who was a victim in the attack, adds an essential layer of context and humanizes the impact of this devastating event. As a result, the footage is undeniably newsworthy and in the public interest, shedding light on the tragic consequences of violence and the resilience of those who have been directly affected by it.

    The Australian government’s threat to Gab is a clear violation of our users’ freedom of speech. The notice states that “Failure to comply with the Notice may result in enforcement action, including the commencement of civil penalty proceedings for a civil penalty order of up to a maximum penalty of $782,500 (AUD) for a single contravention by a body corporate.” This is equivalent to $500,000 in USD.

    Gab’s Response:We refuse to succumb to the pressure of the Australian government and will not censor the video posted by our user. We stand by our commitment to free speech and support the Assyrian Christ The Good Shepherd Church in their time of need. We encourage our users to share their thoughts, prayers, and support for Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel and the entire congregation affected by this tragedy.

    Gab was founded in 2016 as an alternative to mainstream social media platforms that are known for their overly censorious and biased policies against conservative viewpoints. We believe in providing a platform where users can express themselves freely within the bounds of American law. Our leadership style is characterized by vocal advocacy for free speech and a staunch opposition to Silicon Valley’s monopolistic control over online discourse.

    We urge our users to stand with Gab in our fight for free speech and support for the Assyrian Christ The Good Shepherd Church. Share your thoughts, prayers, and support for Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel and the congregation on Gab, and help us spread the word about this important issue. Together, we can demonstrate that the power of free speech is stronger than any government’s attempt to suppress it. Let’s stand united in our commitment to protect and preserve free speech online for everyone.

    Andrew Torba
    CEO, Gab.com
    Christ is King

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