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UK Muddles On With Brexit, Pro-Brexit MPs Push Theresa May To Step Down

UK Muddles On With Brexit, Pro-Brexit MPs Push Theresa May To Step Down
Image by Matt Brown

The Brexit saga continues to drag on as a deadlocked parliament tries to muddle through the process of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union as scheduled at the end of March, as voted on by the British public.

Yesterday, Speaker John Bercow of the House of Commons refused at attempt by Prime Minister Theresa May to vote again on the Brexit deal she negotiated with the EU, a deal pro-Brexit MPs believe will leave the UK as a vassal to Brussels.

Many of May’s detractors in the British legislature have fixed on the idea that they could vote for the deal if May, whom they see as betraying the will of the people to be a sovereign nation, would step down from power this summer and allow another leader to manage the process of leaving the Union.

“She never wanted to leave the EU,” declared the architect of the Brexit movement, Nigel Farage, a the Conservative Political Action Conference in early March of this year.

Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay declared another vote is very unlikely this week. It seems May is now looking for a delay in Britain’s departure, another betrayal to the British people.

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