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Britain Unexpectedly Heads For Best Outcome – No Deal Brexit

The United Kingdom looks to be heading for the best deal possible for the British people — a ‘no deal’ Brexit, in spite of the handwringing and fake news from the corrupt Western media.

British Prime Minister Theresa May formally requested an extension of the Brexit deadline with the European Union until May 7th. Brussels responded by saying it would only extend the deadline with the guarantee of a positive vote on the agreement negotiated by May in the short run. The agreement has already been voted down twice by the British Parliament. The chances for a third vote don’t look positive.

Even though the chances look good for a ‘no deal’ separation from the EU, it is doubtful that Europe will allow one of its members to successfully leave. They cannot allow other nations to see the British economy skyrocket, which is what will happen over a short period of time. The UK would save the $39 billion Europe wants in financial pain for leaving and America is ready to sign trade deals, along with other Euro-skeptic nations.

Unfortunately Brussels will probably give the delay to Theresa May in the end, because that causes as much pain as possible for the British people…all the more reason to leave now.

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