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UK Slides Towards Oblivion Under May’s (Lack Of) Leadership As Brexit Slowly Dies, EU Smells Blood

UK Slides Towards Oblivion Under May's (Lack Of) Leadership As Brexit Slowly Dies, EU Smells Blood
Image by Robert Mandel

Today hapless British Prime Minister Theresa May says she will go back to the European Union for another delay. She wants it to be a short one, to June 30th. The President of the European Council, Donald Tusk (who is very much reviled in Poland), smells blood and wants a long one, at least a year. In his mind, the UK will simply just lose all will to leave the power-hungry, unelected bureaucrats in Brussels, and all will be good with the world.

Prime Minister Theresa May has asked the European Union to delay Brexit until June 30, setting up a battle with the bloc ahead of a key summit next week. May wants an extension to June 30 and aims to avoid holding European elections next month, which would be politically toxic at home. But the EU’s view is that if there is an extension, it should be longer, given the deadlock in the U.K, reported Bloomberg.

In her letter to Brussels, May wrote, “It is frustrating that we have not yet brought this process to a successful and orderly conclusion…The U.K. government remains strongly committed to doing so.

“It is in the interests of neither the United Kingdom as a departing Member State, nor the European Union as a whole, that the United Kingdom holds elections to the European Parliament.

“If a consensus is going to be found, compromise will be needed on all sides, in the national interest.”

In other words, after agreeing to ‘negotiations’ with communist Jeremy Corbyn, and now coming hat in hand back to the EU for more time, May is signing Britain’s death warrant. The United Kingdom will become a vassal to the European Union.

Such a sad sight to behold.

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LionelMandrake April 6, 2019 at 3:36 am

England should invade France, and after a few weeks and the complete surrender is accomplished, push on over the Rhine and hang that commie curndt Merkel. The Krauts only have about three flyable aircraft.


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