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Stunning Development: Brexit Party Now Polling Ahead Of Labour And Tories Combined…Theresa May Under Pressure To Resign

Stunning Development: Brexit Party Now Polling Ahead Of Labour And Tories Combined...Theresa May Under Pressure To Resign
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In a stunning political development, Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is now polling ahead of Labour and the conservative Tories combined for the upcoming European Parliamentary elections.

“Ministers admitted on Sunday that the European elections on May 23 would be difficult for the Tories, with some Conservatives privately predicting a meltdown because of a surge in support for Nigel Farage’s Brexit party,” reported The Financial Times.

The prime minister is under pressure to set a date for her resignation so the Tories would have some chance to claw back support before election day.

“If she stands aside this week — that is, if the succession is already formally under way by polling day — there may be something for her successor to salvage. If not, we are looking at the end of the Conservative party,” said one conservative candidate, reported The Financial Times.

An Opinium survey for the Observer found that 34 per cent of people intend to vote for Mr Farage’s party, with Labour on 21 per cent, the Liberal Democrats on 12 and the Conservatives trailing in fourth place on 11 per cent.

Prime Minister May continues to try and work out a deal with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, which conservatives see as absolute treason, as the solution that would emerge would keep the UK within the EU customs union, a fate worse that what Britain enjoys now.

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