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    Grooming ‘Rape’ Gangs: The Scourge of the UK

    September 1, 2019
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     Tommy Robinson at Speakers' Corner
    Image by
    Shayan Barjesteh van Waalwijk van Doorn

    Grooming Gangs (I hate that term–‘grooming’ like preparing for the prom) primarily operate in the United Kingdom where they have been a major problem for decades, and largely ignored by police. 'Grooming' describes the process where gangs of men prey on young girls, tricking them into months or even years of sexual abuse and trafficking; the government often blames the victims, who are as young as 10 years of age. 

    For over 20 years these grooming gangs have infested the UK and other countries in Northern Europe.  We have seen this nefarious activity in Sweden and Holland, and it has also been used as a tool by ISIS and other ethnic groups in the Middle East against their enemies.   Prior to 2014 little was done to bring these gang members to justice.   Although the UK has ignored, covered up and minimized the young victims (often accusing them of being drunk or drugged) the country is finally hearing the outcry of the public (and the world) as this comes further into the light.

    Drugs and alcohol are used by the groomers to make the girls more compliant and to addict them.  The girls are threatened with beatings and threats are made against their families.   The rapes involved multiple men in the most horrific and unimaginable ways.  This sale and/or sharing of girls by Muslim Pakistani groomers is considered sex trafficking.  The girls are often used for a year before being freed and some are forced to marry their captors.  Many times families are unaware until it’s too late.  The tragedy is these young victims often never recover; it ruins families both emotionally and financially, often leading to divorce.  And these are the ones that get away– no one talks about those who don't.

    The grooming scourge on the UK has affected multiple townships around London and beyond; consider that Newcastle, Telford, Rochdale, Oxford, and Rotherham have all seen this horrible activity.

    Rape and pillaging are nothing new in war but this outrage is a war on Western culture by Middle Eastern men, so-called ‘Asians’ in the UK.  The term ‘Asians’ is used as a euphemism so as not to offend the real identity of these perpetrators -- Muslims.  This labeling has angered Asian groups such as Sikhs who are battling the misconception that their culture is tied to rape gangs.

    This shocking activity has highlighted the complete failure of the United Kingdom in its attempt at multiculturalism. 

    Political Correctness even in Parliament   

    Lord Taylor said 2,409 children and young people have been confirmed as victims of sexual exploitation by gangs or groups between August 2010 and October 2011.

    In a pathetic response to the issue being brought to light, UKMP Naz Sha* recently accused her colleague MP Sarah Champion of making “blanket, radicalized, loaded statements” that would set up and stigmatize Pakistani boys to fail.

    Police often blame the victims, young girls 11-15 on average

    When it comes to ‘grooming gangs’, one would assume the phenomenon would fall under the label of terrorism.  After conducting some research, it appears the parameters to meet the definition of terror seem to fit.  However, as I spoke to people in the counter-terrorism business they explained to me reasons as to why 'grooming gangs' do not fall into the terror bucket.

    There are specific parameters necessary to qualify an act as terrorism and grooming gangs don’t fit that definition. Terror belongs to those who are trying to accomplish a political or religious agenda.

    I am happy to report there have been several grooming gang arrests, not a large number but a start.  The average sentence is usually 22 years but often they get out in three to four years for “good behavior.” 

    A sentence of eight years’ imprisonment was the very minimum that the court could impose following a plea of guilty to the rape of a young boy, which had been committed in breach of trust and against a background of repeated and regular sexual abuse.  Members of the political class have been blasted for even bringing up the issue, the dirty little secret of the UK.

    As Britain continues to allow mass immigration from the Middle East and Central Asia, and these immigrants enter government service, internal pressure to not discuss, and of course not investigate these crimes, increases.

    There is a new push to have much stiffer sentences for these monsters as the young victims and their families are literally suffering through a life sentence.  I for one will applaud the courts for any sentences that reflect the true heinousness of these crimes.

    Update as of May 13, 2018

    Several ‘Grooming Gangs’ were finally arrested, after much outcry from activists like Tommy Robinson; Pakistani gang members were brought to trial.  While England has overlooked this horrific dirty secret for decades, much anticipation awaited these criminals being brought to justice. 

    Political correctness and multiculturalism are heavily embraced in the UK; the UK even banned reporters from the grounds of the courthouse.  Many activists gathered with Tommy Robinson, a journalist, who fought for 10 years to expose this organized crime.

    Robinson is well known after years of civil unrest, going to Parliament, writing, and broadcasting this criminal activity against these young British girls, and putting his life at risk with death threats over the years.  On May 13, 2018 Robinson was arrested on the spot at the courthouse while reporting on the Grooming Gangs being brought to trial.  Robinson’s arrest led to a 5-hour sentencing and a sentence of 13 months in jail in Leeds.  Robinson was transferred to a notorious prison and feared for his life. He was released later last year.

    Update July 14 2019, Tommy Robinson was again arrested.



    Debbie Aldrich

    Freedom Fighter, Political Activist, Former US Congressional Candidate, Writer, Foreign Policy & Political Analyst, Contributor to I24English, World Traveler, lived 6 yrs in Europe, 7 yrs in Middle East, Show Casing overlooked and under reported stories, Host of ‘Freedom’s Voice from Around the Globe’.
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