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UPDATE: Boris Johnson Wins Overwhelming Tory Majority…Brexit Assured…Harbinger Of Trump Victory In 2020?

Boris Johnson Wins Overwhelming Tory Majority...Brexit Assured...Harbinger Of Trump Victory In 2020?
Boris Johnson and Leo Johnson attend the Boldness in Business Awards
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Dianna Bonner


Elections in the United Kingdom have given the conservative Tory party an overwhelming majority, highlighting the recent polls showing otherwise as an obvious deceitful attempt by the Left to prevent conservative voters from going out to vote.

Exit polls show the Tories will gain a 368 seat majority out of 650 seats, a majority of 86 seats and the worst defeat for Labor since 1935, and the biggest majority since Margaret Thatcher term.

Brexit is now assured. The only question is what it will look like. Will it be a clean break from the European Union or will it leave the U.K beholden to the bureaucrats in Brussels?

The question now is whether or not the outcome of the U.K. general election is a harbinger of the coming U.S. presidential election in 2020. The impeachment show has actually improved Trump’s ratings.

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