Ukrainians take down Russian flag in Chaplinka

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(h/t Реальная Война telegram channel)

(Western Ukraine)The Russian blitzkrieg on Ukraine has reportedly been temporarily halted. Ukrainian forces are retaking territory in certain parts of the country.

In the city of Chaplinka, Ukrainian forces tore down a Russian flag of conquest in a reported counter attack.

In Kherson, Ukrainian forces have retaken the city center.

We reported this morning that tank columns from the north and south were halted before being able to encircle Kyiv and support airborne forces deployed. Reports are now these airborne troops are exposed and without heavy weapons support. We reported earlier an IL-76 was shot down loaded with airborne troops.

Ukrainian President Zelenskiy appeared in Kyiv city center and urged his countryman to keep fighting.

The Ukrainian Defense Minister reported the following Russian casualties and destroyed equipment:

14 aircraft destroyed

8 helicopters

102 tanks hit

Over 500 armored vehicles hit

15 Mobile artillery destroyed

1 Air defense system BUK destroyed

3,500 casualties.

Now the question is -- will Russian President Vladimir Putin now commit more forces to the war to push towards Kyiv and install a new government.

This may be already in progress as a Russian air assault via 20 helicopters was observed in progress near Kyiv.

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